Gospel of Heaven


“Gospel of Heaven” is the collection of the teachings written and spoken by Meshiya-sama, in which  he mentioned “God” and “Meshiya.” They are divided into two parts, before and after 4 February 1950 when He established Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. Therefore, it is written as Meshiya-kyo in teachings before 4 February 1950. The teachings in each part are published in chronological order.

Meshiya-sama was called “Meishu-sama” until 15 June 1953 but please remember that we call Meshiya-sama in the collection of all teachings here.



Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

From 4 February 1950 to the end of 1950

The Doctrine of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo
About Mr Nakajima’s Death
The Annual Grand Ceremony of Miroku
Birth of Sekai-Meshiya-Kyo
The Action of Evil Gods

In the 1951s

Prefatory Note
The Relationship between the Law and the Savage in Human Beings
About My Name
I Preach the Truth

In the 1952s

Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and Cultural Revolution
About the Culture of “⦿”
Johrei Brings Happiness
God and Meshiya
The Speech for Memorial Ceremony of the Completion of Shinsenkyo and the Opening of the Museum
“⦿” Represents Everything Simply
The Work of God
About My Work
The Work of Izanagi-no-Mikoto
Evil and Guardian Spirits
Butsumetsu and World of Miroku
Last Judgement
Human being and Disease
Saviour and Expiator
The Occurrence of Good and Evil, and Christianity
Paradise Part

In the 1953s

What is Johrei?
One Becomes One Hundred
Relationship between Religion and Science
Spirit and Body

In 1954s

True Broad-Minded Religion
What is Sekai-Meshiya-kyo?
Meshiya-sama’s Words


Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

In 1935s

The Long-awaited Torch for All Humankind: The Manifestation of the Great Power of Kannon and the Unveiled Buddhist Teachings
The Last Judgement
The Incarnations of God
・The Purpose of God and the Truth of Universal Providence
・The Origin of Religion and the Appearance of Saviour
Saviour and Expiator
The Theory and Purpose of Okada Mokichi Therapy
The Fault of Western Medicine and the Creation of Japanese Medicine

In 1936s

Why does Kannon therapy cure the disease?
Natural Death and Unnatural Death
Does True Religion Exist?
The Truth of Life

In the 1943s

God’s Providence

In the 1948s

The Spirit of Water and Fire
Religion and Science
Discussion about Descent from Heaven

In the 1949s

God and His Incarnations
Birth Control from a Religious Point of View
The Facts Speak for Themselves
Answer to the Worries of Converts

In the 1950s until 4 February

What is the Power of Kannon?