What is Johrei?

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



I explained the cause of disease and toxic medicine as its cause in detail until now. Then I describe the way of curing disease and its theory in detail. It means I do describe our Johrei method and it is beyond the description of how effectively disease is cured by this. In any case, the disease is naturally cured when the cloud of spirit is got rid of, as it is the cause of disease. This theory can be scientifically explained but it doesn’t mean its view is limited and narrowed like that of science.


The world is, as it were, roughly divided into three levels; the upper, the middle and the lower. This is the real state of the universe. Since narrow-viewed science is limited in the field of material science as I mentioned, it is swayed by the outside of things. It becomes just superficial and minute as it progresses. As a result, it has created bacteriology, which goes far and deviates from the principle of pathology. In the field of broad-viewed science, there are divine science, spiritual science and material science in the order of three levels from top to bottom. As medical science is below the material science, it is naturally at a low level and immature. It is also unexpected or rather presumptuous that such science can solve the matter of human life at the highest level. It is like trying to drop a star in the sky with a long pole.


Here I explain those three levels in more detail. Until today, there has existed only two levels of material and spiritual science. Therefore, human life, disease or health cannot have been fundamentally understood. Not only medical science but also any kind of culture are all the same. Most of them were makeshift things without eternity. For this reason, there were only two ways of curing disease. They are material science, which I described in the field of broadly viewed science, and faith therapy in spiritual science.


I omit to explain the former but the latter includes pray, penance, charm and so on. Like medical science, they had no significant results to show. Now I change the subject but it is said Sakyamuni and Christ had reached the level of ‘Ken-Shin-Jitsu.” It is true but they reached not to the highest level but about the upper rank of the second level. Therefore, their wisdom and ability are responded to such level but not absolute ones. That is proved by a history of the world. Due to the timing of their existing, it is inevitable.


On the other hand, the ability I am allowed is in the highest of the top level. Therefore, I grasp the infinite and absolute origin of all. I can have a thorough knowledge of all and show surprising miracles of not only disease but in general. When I say so, the third party cannot immediately believe it. Since it is the realisation of the truth, however, anyone cannot but believe it after all. I have no hesitation to say so.


As humankind cannot understand that until today, they regarded Sakyamuni and Christ as supreme Buddha or god and have respected and believed them. However, what they did were not followed by the facts, they were closed by a cloud of doubt and denied the existence of spirit, which consequently created the era of scientism. Bible prophesies Christ’s Second Coming, Buddhism advocates the advent of Miroku, and Judaism and other sects wait on Advent of the Saviour, or Meshiya. In this way, people have awaited such a thing since a long time ago but its timing was not specified. For this reason, the general public premised that it represented an ideal and forgot it without noticing it. That is the present world.


I am not saying now that I am a Saviour or Christ of the Second Coming. Until now, there have been many people who said so from a long time ago but all of them have vanished like smoke. Therefore, it is obvious that I would look just like a false Christ or Saviour, or a great speculator like them even if I declared so today. The important thing is what I do for my work from now on. It depends on how I do act; I make a significant contribution as Saviour does, show the power as if Christ has come again, express the virtue of Miroku or Kannon or emit the light as Amaterasu-Oomikami did. After that, you would decide to believe it or not. In other words, I would be satisfied when people all over the world observe what I do with criticism and it is enough for me.



I go back to the subject. If the broad-viewed science is based on the principle of three levels as mentioned above; material, spiritual and divine science, it would be said that it is the best study leading the future. For this reason, you would fully understand how low the level of science has been until now.


Therefore, there is no wonder why our Meshiya-kyo shows tremendous power. It is because it shows to realise divine science created under Supreme God’s providence and Johrei method was created by this science. The fact thoroughly proves that. For example, in the miracles Christ showed, He cured people’s disease one by one. On the other hand, I let my disciples show countless miracles day by day as Christ did. The number of miracles they show also reaches to hundreds of thousands. In a word, hundreds of thousands of Christs are already born in Japan until now. Common sense would say that this power must be exerted by God.


Here let me explain Johrei in more detail. I first write “light” in a Japanese character on a sheet of paper. Then it is folded and given to a new believer as an amulet. When they hang it around their chest and hold their hand over a person, light is immediately emitted from the hand towards them, their cloud of spirit disappears and disease is cured. This light is originally generated by the power of a sphere in my belly, which is infinitely radiated and reached to the amulet through the spiritual line. This is like the system of a radio which needs a broadcaster, antenna and receiver. I described at length as above. Therefore, readers would understand how to cause disease, make it clear how wrong medical science is and comprehend how to cure disease fundamentally. As what I described is spread all over the world, the world without disease would not be difficult to come to realise.


As I mentioned, if the light is emitted from the performer to destruct the root of bacteria, what is this light? I scientifically explain it. When impure particles in the cloud meet with the light, they are immediately burnt off and the pure spirit of water only remains. The light includes so-called spirit of fire, which is a power of heat. Let me explain this. The spirit of fire is the spirt of solar heat, which should be called a positive particle. I wonder why science says the spirt of water, or hydrogen but doesn’t say the spirit of fire.


However, the spirit of fire doesn’t belong to the matter of form but of spirit. The fire we use belongs to the matter of form. It is hot and burns. On the other hand, the spiritual heat is so thin and its power cannot be compared with that of the bodily fire. It is cleared by an experiment. It means, when Johrei is preformed to thick pus, it gradually gets thin every time and finally becomes clear water. It is because only poisonous particles are burnt off by the heat power which the spirit of fire has.


In this sense, no matter where and how deep pus and impure blood exists in the body, they are dissolved by Johrei without touching the body. Then most of them become serous fluid and only thick things are discharged as excrement. As I described in “Regarding Surgery” part, the only disease is removed without harming functions. If this isn’t the most advanced cultural medical art, what is it? The sphere of light in my belly has been known as Cintamani stone in Buddhism, the sphere of Mani in Shintoism since a long time ago.


Translated by N.H.