Miracles of Johrei


“Miracles of Johrei” is the collection of the thank-you reports made by people who were saved by Johrei during Meshiya-sama’s lifetime. For the readers, Meshiya-sama added commentary to make them easier to understand. In some reports, the reporter mentioned ‘A holy amulet.” At that time, people exerted the power of Johrei only after receiving that amulet. Now, however, we no longer require anything like that. We can immediately master the power of Johrei by recognising the existence of Meshiya-sama.

Meshiya-sama was called “Meishu-sama” until 15 June 1953 but please remember that we call Meshiya-sama in all the contents here.



What is Miracle?
Spirit Leads and Form Follows
Spirit and Body

Part 1 General Topics
How Can You Think of This Miracle?
The Spiritual Light Works Flexibly
The Miracle Beyond Other Miracles
The Miracle That Happened In Sports
The Miracles to Show God
The Miracles for Minors
The Miracle to Solve Marital Problem
The Miracles to Control Nature
The Miracles to Save from the Accidents #1
The Miracles to Save from the Accidents #2
The Miracles to Bring in Money
The Miracle to Repair Problems
Other Miracles

Part 2 Miracles Regarding the Atomic Bomb
Miracles Regarding the Atomic Bomb

Part 3 Miracles Regarding Diseases
Even God Takes Time
Super Miracle
The Divine Power
Comparison between Medicine versus Our Remedy
The Undeniable Fact
Medical Treatment Worsens the Disease
The Almost Incurable Eye Disease is Cured by Johrei
The Value of the Religious Healing
For Medical Personnel
Terrible Superstition against Medicine
The Outstanding Vivid Fact
Theists versus Atheists
Medicine Harms Human Beings
Stomach Cancer is Healed by Johrei