“⦿” Represents Everything Simply

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

We pronounce this pictogram “⦿” as “Su” in Japanese. For example, we say the culture of “Su,” “Sushin” as God or “Su” as a lord. It represents everything simply. Now I introduce my writing regarding “⦿” as bellow (25 August 1952);

The Culture of “⦿”

First of all, I explain the meaning of “⦿” first. As you can see, there is a dot in the centre of “〇.” That is “⦿.” If it is just all, it won’t have a particular meaning. However, as a matter of fact, nothing is more mysterious and greater than this. Let me explain what “〇” means now. “〇” represents everything in the universe. For example, the sun, the moon and even the human spirit when moving are in the shape of “〇.” Not only the human spirit but also the spirit of the god becomes in the shape of “〇” when moving but their colours are different. The spirit of the god is a sphere of light but those of the humans have no light. They are white or yellow dim spheres. The male one is yellow and the female one is white. They are equivalent to the sun and the moon.

Let us lay this topic aside. Now I describe an important thing. Needless to say, this world is also in the shape of “〇.” It is a ring shape so that its inside is empty. As human beings, it means they have no soul. Therefore, they cannot act as humans until putting the soul into them. “⦿” is the shape which the soul is put in an empty sphere. It is the same meaning that an artist put their whole soul into their work, which is often said from old times. In this sense, the world has no “・” or soul until today. Therefore, I described the existing culture as a flame culture. This sense is shown in every aspect of culture. As I always say, symptomatic treatment for the disease is one of the examples. Patients relieve pain for a while under this treatment. Pain or itchiness is paralysed by injection from the outside or purification is stopped by applying an ointment, cooling a fever with ice or taking medicine. As every treatment never touches the centre of the cause, the disease is never cured and it must recur as time passes. It just puts off the recover from the disease after all. “・” is all causes of the disease but it has not found until today.

As for crimes, they are all the same. Now, people only have a way of preventing crimes with the suffering of punishment, which is the same symptomatic treatment as medical science. Once committing a crime, most criminals commit it two or three more times. Some of them horribly commit crimes more than ten times. In the worst case, some are in prison for much longer than when they are out of it. That is caused by the absence of “・” or soul. The war happens for the same reason. When one enhances armaments, the other stops fighting as they think they cannot defeat the opponent. The war is just postponed but it is sure to start. History proves it well. Looking through them, you would understand very well that the culture until now has only “〇” but no “・.”

I always describe the theory of ninety-nine to one. When “・” enters to “〇,” this one per cent changes the remaining ninety-nine per cent. In other words, ninety-nine per cent of evil is defeated by one per cent good. When “〇” is about to be filled with black colour, one per cent power of “・” erases it and contrarily fills it with white colour. If applying this to the world, empty civilisation is filled with beauty. It means that the soul is put there. In this way, a corpse-like civilisation without soul becomes animated. In other words, the new world is born. (10 September 1952)

Translated by N.H.