Spirit and Body

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

As I described in the previous chapter, everything follows the principle that spirit leads and form follows. When you understand this principle, you wouldn’t wonder why many miracles introduced in this book happened. For example, some people escape from danger immediately, some have no injury even if falling from a high place or some cure of a serious disease without difficulty even if doctors and hospitals give them up. When you thoroughly understand those miracles, however, I have to explain them religiously. So, please read them for that purpose.

In the first place, you should know the relationship between the spiritual world and the real world. As a human being wears clothes, the human spirit wears spiritual clothes or aura. Aura is a kind of ether. It is also the light emitted from the spirit, which is dim but some people can see it with the naked eye. As the weather changes, aura always changes or becomes clear or cloudy. It means that the aura gets clear when a person does a good deed and it gets cloudy when doing a bad deed. When believing in a true god, people receive the light from the god and the cloudiness disappears as much as it receives the light. On the contrary, when people believe an evil god, they become cloudier. Since ordinary people don’t have spiritual knowledge, they think that all gods are good ones. This is very wrong. To tell the truth, there are more evil gods than good ones.

Here I show you the evidence. I often see the family which always has troubles even though they eagerly believe in a god from generation to generation. It happens because they believe in an evil god or a god with less power. On the other hand, when believing in a good god, saving people and accumulating virtue, people have more light and their aura becomes thick. As for the thickness of aura, that of ordinary people is about three centimetres and that of those who accumulate virtue is fifteen to thirty centimetres. The aura of great religionists such as Sakyamuni or Christ covers several countries or nations. As for that of Saviour, His light wraps all the humans. What a surprising power it is! As history shows, however, Saviour has never appeared in the world yet. As you can see from the above, the aura becomes thick or thin depending on people’s thoughts. Therefore, human beings should believe it and accumulate virtue as much as possible. If the aura is thick enough, the car or train is blocked with the aura even when the traffic accident occurs. However, people with thin aura or without aura heavily injure or die in the worst case. For this reason, our believers escape disasters.

Human fortune is the same, too. Let me explain it briefly. The human body belongs to the real world and whereas, the human spirit belongs to the spiritual world. This is the construction of both worlds. Then the spiritual world is divided into three main stages; upper, middle and lower. Each main stage has sixty sub-stages and therefore, there are one hundred eighty stages in total. The sixty stages are also subdivided into every twenty stages. Needless to say, the lower stages belong to the world of hell, the middle ones belong to the middle world, which is almost same as the real world, and the upper ones belong to the heaven. Then most people are in the middle stages and go up and down depending on their goodness or badness. In short, people go to heaven when doing good things but fall into hell when doing bad things. Furthermore, unlike in the real world, everything is treated fairly and there is no prejudice in the spiritual world. It is inconvenient for bad people but those who believe it become a truly fortunate person.

As for the world of hell, it is in a whirl of jealousy, resentment, hatred and poverty, which are called the three Kilesas in Buddhism. The lower a person goes down, the worse the situation becomes. The lowest stage is called the bottom of hell, the darkest world, the coldest hell or Purgatory. The hell exists not only after death. Since the body exists in the real world while the spirit is in the spiritual world, the state of the spirit directly reflects the body. As newspapers always say, a person tries to commit suicide of an entire family after writhing in agony. The human fate depends on where their spirits belong in the spiritual world. Needless to say, it follows the causality of good and evil. Therefore, no one is as idiotic as a bad person. Even if they promote, it happens temporarily and they never fail to fall someday. It is because their spirits belong to the world of hell. On the contrary, a person will become happy someday even if they are unfortunate now. It is because their spirit goes up the stage in the spiritual world according to their good deeds. This is the universal law of God which cannot be violated and the original mission of religion is to teach people this law. Nevertheless, this mission cannot be carried out thoroughly until today as religionists taught mainly with sutras and preach. They didn’t accompany the definitive ability or miracles. Now, the time has finally come and God exerts the absolute power. He shows surprising miracles and dispels a human delusion through our organisation. Therefore, everyone would have to believe it.


Translated by N.H.