Saviour and Expiator

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

People in the world often confuse the Saviour with the Expiator. However, they are completely different. The Expiator is a person who atones for sins. Jesus of Nazareth is the one who was crucified to atone for all people’s sins. He was a great expiator. Atonement means to enshrine God and ask Him for the forgiveness of sins on behalf of sinners. In other words, Expiator is a person who apologises and is forgiven. On the other hand, the Saviour is an authority who forgives sins when the Expiator asks him for the forgiveness of them. Many great and minor saints have appeared as an expiator until now but a saviour who forgives them has never appeared. You must fully know this point. (15 September 1935)

Translated by N.H.