Natural Death and Unnatural Death

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

In the first place, what is human death? It is, needless to say, the extinction of life, which means that the human body cannot exist anymore. It is like a withered tree. There are many causes of death but they are roughly divided into two types; natural death and unnatural death. Natural death means, of course, to complete one’s natural term of existence and whereas, unnatural death means to die from the disease, a violent death, suicide and so on. Originally speaking, people just die a natural death, which is a natural state and unnatural death is unusual. However, the number of people who die natural death decrees more and more as the culture develops. On the contrary, the number of people who die an unnatural death, especially from disease, increases. We cannot understand why it happens.

Every field of the culture is developing more and more but only the matter of human life is just the opposite. What is it caused by? People should think that there must be a great fault which they have not realised. However, they are not enthusiastic about this matter though they show endless desires for other things. They might give it up just because the matte of human life is out of their hands. Everyone knows that this matter cannot be solved even by science or religion so far. Therefore, they would leave only this matter to take its own course no matter how much all the other things progress.

When coming to think of it, however, Almighty God created human beings as the animal of the highest order. Nevertheless, the number of natural deaths is much less or becomes increasingly less than that of unnatural death. This fact would go against God’s intention more than anything. If God is truly almighty, human beings should regain their own original qualification as the primates. Besides, He would no longer ignore the abnormal condition of human life. Thinking like this, it would be no wonder that Izunome-no-Ookami or that is, Kanzeon Bosatsu, who is entrusted to save human beings by God, prolongs human life or eradicates unnatural death. From this point of view, I think people should aware that the World of Light or the world without disease is coming soon, which human beings have long-awaited for thousands of years. (19 June 1936)

Translated by N.H.