Saviour and Expiator

Creation of Civilization
General Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

I described the fundamental theory of evil so far, which is evil was needed and the culture like today was progressed and developed by evil. Now I have to describe one more important thing. That is a great number of religions have been born since the dawn of history until today and they encouraged good and drove out evil as much as possible without exception. It is, of course, natural, since their purpose is supposed to get rid of evil. Regarding this, I used to be asked a question as following; “Though gods and buddhas are incarnations of love and mercy, why on earth do they make bad people, let them commit a crime and then punish them? Is this rally inconsistent, isn’t it? In that case, if they had rather not created evil from the beginning, they wouldn’t need to be punished. That is the true love of the gods, isn’t it?” I see this question would be very true and I have no word about it. To tell you the truth, I think the same way. Therefore, I replied at each time when I was asked, “I see, that must be true but I can’t explain the reason as I am not a person who created evil. That is God who created evil for some reason. He must show the fundamental reason for it someday. All we can do is to wait until then.”

Then, the time has finally come and God revealed the truth to me so that I am overjoyed. Since there would be many people who have the same question, when they read this, they naturally open their eyes wide as if they have got a light in a moonless night. Then, why did every founder of religions until today criticise evil? It is because, as I previously explained in detail, God didn’t reveal the deep meaning of evil as it was needed for a certain period. Therefore, even good gods had no way to know the reason. Whereas they persistently tried to construct a heaven world in the only way of justice, bad gods endlessly tried to fulfil their ambition evilly, as if they do anything to achieve their aims.

However, since the deadline of evil has finally come, God exerts His power directly. Here, He chose the person who I am and revealed the fundamental meaning of good and evil to me. It is because that founders of religions until today didn’t have enough power. The good example of them is Christ. He was called himself an expiator but not a saviour. An expiator literary means the main person who expiates sins, in other words, he has to bear the sins of all the people, apologize to God and ask for forgiveness to Him. Briefly speaking, Christ was the representative of all the people and a god on the side of being forgiven but not on the side of forgiving. Therefore, He was hung on the cross as a price for their sins.

This theory applies to Buddhism, too. From the beginning, Buddha taught numerous sutras and devoted to preaching precepts to construct the world of happiness but it was not progressed as He expected. Then, as Buddhist scriptures taught that He reached ‘Ken-Shinjitsu’ when He was seventy-two years old, He truly knew his fate and mission at that time. Therefore, He perceived His mistake so far and knew the time of realizing the world of happiness would be far ahead into the future. That’s why He confessed there were not a few mistakes of His precepts so far and what He preached from now was the truth. They are taught in ‘Hometsujin-Kyo Sutra (Decline of the Law Sutra) ’, ‘Mirokushutsugenjouju-Kyo Sutra (Appearance of Maitreya Sutra)’ and ‘the twenty-eighth chapter of Hokekyo Sutra (Lotus Sutra) ’. In a word, Buddha knew ‘Butsumetsu’ or Buddhist teachings would certainly perish, and told that the world of ‘Miroku’ or the present world of happiness would come afterwards. That is a very famous story. Here, I would like to give you notice of timing. Buddha said that the world of ‘Miroku’ would come 5,670 million years later. Thinking this well, however, He can’t have predicted such far future’s event. First and foremost, it is meaningless to predict such far future, isn’t it? It is because we cannot imagine what would happen to the earth and human beings in such far distant future. According to God’s revelation, His prediction shows the numbers of five, six and seven, which concealed deep meaning. That is; five means the sun(fire), six means the moon(water) and seven means the earth(soil). Though five, six and seven are in the correct order, until now it was wrongly ordered of six, seven and five. I will describe it in detail later but anyway, even the two great holy persons of Christ and Buddha couldn’t explain the truth. Therefore, sutras and Bible lack clarity and no one could grasp the truth. However, it was, of course, inevitable as a matter of timing.

Here, it has been finally decided that God discloses profound truth. This book explains it clearly without any doubt so that anyone can easily grasp the truth. Until now, the great power of evil has controlled ninety-nine per cent of all and nearly grasps the rest of one. Then, one per cent of good power unexpectedly emerges and overthrows the scheme of evil at once. In a word, it turns the world from ‘evil leads and good follows’ into ‘good leads and evil follows’. To put it concretely, the ninety-nine per cent of evil is modern medical science and it is a necessary evil as I previously described so that it was good until now. However, as a result, medical science has grasped the most precious lives of human beings. If medical science was wrong, the fear of human life would be beyond description. Needless to say, it is not easy to correct medical science, which is firmly believed by people of the world.


Translated by N.H.