The Creator and Meshiya-sama

The profile of Meshiya-sama

Have you ever thought this world was created on a certain purpose? Don’t you also think why the earth, which is being operated by an accurate and sophisticated mechanism without any fail, was born? The more you think about the wonderful and endlessly existing mechanism, the more you could hardly deny the existence to create it, namely the Creator.

People tend to think science is almighty but it only finds some of the mechanisms the Creator organizes and applies them. It doesn’t mean to disregard science. We do respect the effort of science research and technology development in each field. Moreover, we use them frequently.

We would like to say that such wonderful scientific discoveries and inventions merely reveal or use the mechanisms organized by the Creator. Then, why did the Creator create the earth?

It is natural to think that the Creator intends to make the earth an ideal world. If not so, such a sophisticated mechanism would not be needed. We are absolutely convinced that the Creator would make the earth an ideal world. If so, the Creator must prepare the power to solve various problems around the world.

That is the power Meshiya-sama exerts.

From that moment when you feel this world is wonderful, you can recognize the presence of Meshiya-sama and the spiritual links between yourself and Him become stronger. Therefore, Hikari or spiritual light flows stronger in your spirit.

Moreover, Hikari from Meshiya-sama flows everyone equally, which does not mean he or she has to believe a certain religion or be a certain race. It is because everything is created and permitted to exist by the Creator.