Relationship between Religion and Science

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

As I always say, I concern that new religions are said to be not scientific. It is a great miracle that the testicles of a child were reproduced the other day. I would like to let the medical profession in the world to know this truth. It will be disappointing if they are not informed about it. In the field of medical science, things such as cardiac surgery, which are boring for us, are regarded as a big deal and widely published in the newspaper. Since our miracle is a hundred times greater than them, it should be published in the newspaper. Therefore, I told newspaper companies to publish that miracle. One of them discussed our matter. However, I think that the company decided not to publish it because it has not been published yet. They said to research that child but I don’t think that they did.

By the way, there seems to be an unwritten code in the newspaper. I don’t think that it is regulation but they don’t publish something which seems to promote religions. I heard of it a long time ago and it is the reason why our miracle was not published. They avoided anything which might promote Sekai-Meshiya-kyo after all. However, this miracle is not such a tiny thing. It doesn’t matter whether it promotes a religion or not. This is far from medical matter. It should be a great issue in the world. Since the child naturally and completely regained his penis and testicles after he lost all of them, this is a miracle since the beginning of mankind. Nevertheless, they wouldn’t publish this truth just as they don’t want to promote a religion.

It seems that a civilisation encloses and locks up each field of religion, science and so on and makes one get hostile to the other. As for newspaper companies, they enclose themselves in the castle called science and never benefit their enemy called religion. When you come to think of it, that is strange. However, it isn’t the case that I completely disagree with. It is because many religions are inferior to science indeed. Therefore, people in the field of science despise such religions. On the contrary, they consider that science has a poor ability. For science, it is outrageous that they think so because they are inferior to science. In short, science is included in religion. They just different forms.

To protect their field of science as religion, although it is material one, they enclose themselves in the castle called material science and try to bury spiritual science or despise it. Therefore, they warn people not to be misled to it. To tell the truth, however, such classification as material science and religion is not needed. You should calmly judge all things, just take good things out of them and throw away bad ones. This is a true way but the human brain has not matured enough to do that way. People still stay in the shell called a narrow-minded culture and are about to be drowned. From our point of view, they are very miserable.

As for medical science, people in that field think that disease is caused by bacteria or microorganisms and cured by sterilizing them. That is their principle. Therefore, they study medicine which kills a tubercle bacillus to cure tuberculosis for example. They just study how to kill bacteria. How ridiculous it is! If you think about it logically, we cannot kill only things existing in the human body. As I wrote before, every single tubercle bacillus will be killed when a patient is killed. Scholars all over the world bother themselves about such a silly thing. What they do is almost the same as religious superstition.

As for religions, however, most of their superstition is much inferior to that of science even though theirs are outrageous. It is because they build a hospital. It means that they cannot cure disease without medical treatment. Therefore, they are inferior to medical science. It might make sense that medical science despises religions, which believe in medical science and worship it. For them, medical science is their master. Here I introduce my writing about bacteria as the basis of medical science. It was already read before but seemed to be still difficult to understand. To make the meaning clearly understandable, I rewrote it with care. It is simple but quite difficult to understand. Therefore, I introduce two more writings which I explain more deeply. (25 July 1953)

Science Cannot Cure Disease

Super Science

As you read, it is quite complicated. The present science found elementary particles or very small sells. Then there is a particle which is much finer than them and cannot be found by a microscope. This particle is studied in condensed matter physics as I described. It is a kind of theoretical physics, which is first imagined and then proved in experiments. However, there is no method to prove it. It is because physicists need the microscope showing tiny details but no one knows when it is invented. It means that scientific research comes one step before hitting the wall as you read. From now on, I am writing what happens next. When I finish it, I will send it to Dr Yukawa. I don’t know whether he can understand it or not, it will give him a hint at least. In this sense, even such great scholars are immature from my point of view.

They burst into a gallop so far but will become almost out of breath and no longer run out. Therefore, we prepare a vehicle for them. When they get on it, they can go anywhere. However, the trouble is that this vehicle is called religion. Scientists think that religion is different from science and inferior to it but the great scientists supposed not to think so. As for Dr Yukawa, he seems to have high recognition of religion. Pasteur understood God very much at that time. They study not only science but also religion. Since Pasteur found bacteria earlier than Koch did, he must be a great scientist. He said that everything consequently comes to God and otherwise nothing is solved.

On the contrary, general scientists cannot reach that level or rather deny all invisible and non-scientific things. Therefore, they say that Johrei is not scientific even if they are told that it cures the disease. In this way, they proud of their scientific superstition. As I described above, great philosophers and scientists dimly think that things are not solved by God or with spiritualism. Having said that, they cannot make it clear. It means that no one can explain it clearly. Besides, no one would believe it only with their explanation no matter how they can explain it well.

On the contrary, since I show them how to cure disease or in a word, show the experiment, they cannot but believe it. However, it is hard work to lead them to that point. Even if we tell them that they will have a great treasure when opening that door, they are firmly convinced that such a thing never happens and never listen to us. Therefore, it is hard to invite them inside that door. Having said that, as everything is done by God, we don’t know what kind of good method He uses or He must do something good. In short, it is just a matter of time and it doesn’t take so long. If taking long, purification gradually becomes powerful and many people will die, which might cause human distinction. For this reason, we have to hurry.

I know it and will make it clear in a little while. I am waiting for it, too. Changing steadily occurs in the spiritual world. That is very interesting. I can describe its basis now. It is the source of the power or the sunspot, which is the main power ruling the universe. It exerts the power. When you looking at the pictogram of “⦿,” the centre point or “・” represents the sunspot. It is very important and therefore, the power of Johrei comes from there. That’s why it is very interesting.

Scholars have also studied the sunspot for a long time but they cannot find what it is as it is far from the earth. When I saw sunspots through a telescope at the science museum, I found several large and small spots. When they are put together, they become “・.” No matter how scholars imagine what it is for, they cannot find it at all.

In the world of Daytime, the sunspot changes. The heat of the sun is a kind of energy which radiates from the sunspot and the firepower of the sunspot is much stronger than that of the sun. That is very mysterious. Then God represents the sunspot and the light comes to my body from there. Therefore, curing disease is not a big deal for me. Now you can see bacteria through a microscope with a magnification of two hundred thousand times but they are much finer. They cannot be seen even through a microscope with a magnification of ten million or one hundred million. It means they are immeasurable as the size of the sky is infinite. Therefore, the origination of the disease is infinite. No matter how much the microscope or other machines develop, people never find it. If they did, it would be as if they find the “wall” of the sky. Therefore, they can never find it.

It means that the scientific study of medicine is meaningless, which is rather harmful. Now I am writing to make scientists understand it but it is not so easy to convince them. However, the time will come when people have to believe in God. When it happens, that will be fine. In the spiritual world, the spirit of the sun or that of the sunspot becomes strong. In the field of studies, the sunspot clearly appears once every eleven years. It means the sunspot extends and becomes strong once every eleven years. Everything changes or does breathing exercises. Even the sun does so. It does breathing exercises once every eleven years. It means that the sun extends and shrinks. Everything does so. As well as the sun, the moon and the earth do breathing exercises, which causes various changes. The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter also do small breathing exercises. It happens once a year but the bigger one happens once every eleven, one hundred and one thousand years. Here, I described philosophy or astronomy like things which became like a course at the university. Besides, it might be the course at a divine-spirit university. You don’t have to know more than it but I just described briefly.

Now I describe diseases a little. A few days ago, I told believers to soften their stiff shoulders. When softening them, people might make a mistake. We often say to rub shoulders and it is called massage. As a matter of fact, the more the shoulder is rubbed, the more it becomes stiff. Therefore, people who often have a massage gradually get stiff shoulders. I have experienced it when I was young. I liked having a massage and frequently had it. Then my shoulders gradually became stiff and ordinary massage no longer worked for me.

When I lived in Omori, I often asked a masseur to come, who belonged to a local massage clinic. That clinic constantly had about ten masseurs but no one satisfied me. My shoulders were too harder for them. Then all the masseurs talked and decided that they chose the most powerful masseur among them and send him to surrender me. The about twenty-year-old masseur was chosen and he visited me to give a massage. When having a massage, I felt very good. Therefore, I said to praise him, “You are very good at giving a massage. You are the best masseur.” When he went back to the clinic, he told the masseur who always came to give me a massage, “I did my best but failed. He praised me as he felt good. I expected him to say that my massage was too strong but contrarily say that he felt good. I have to admit that I failed.” In this way, he completely gave up.

I used to be like that. When thinking of it now, it is useless as a massage is a physical method but I didn’t realise it at that time. As I believed the faith, I came to realise it. Then I decided not to have a strong massage and ask young ladies coming to service for my house to give me a massage instead. They are not a professional and therefore, my shoulder gradually became soft. Then after I found Johrei, I am getting better by performing Johrei. Besides, I was getting uncomfortable with just a little massage these days even if I have it. I will no longer need to have a massage soon. To make shoulders soft, needless to say, the stiffer your feel in the shoulders, the less you should put strength into them. On the contrary, the stiffer people feel in the shoulders, the more they want to put strength into them.

In every case, you shouldn’t put strength into it. When a person feels stiff on their shoulders, however, they want to put strength into them. Therefore, you have to be careful of it and relax so much that you can’t pull it out anymore. If you do so, the stiff shoulders become soft, which is the best for tuberculosis and also heart disease. If it is good for the heart, it will be good for asthma. Furthermore, it gains appetite and as a result, it is good for the stomach which quickly heals indigestion. When the stomach gets better, the liver, pancreas and also gall bladder will become better. As for the lower body, when you perform Johrei around the coccyx as I always say, it works very much for the heaviness below the waist or of legs, fatigue or out of breath. I told the vital point to perform Johrei as above.

Recently, female believers gradually stop wearing makeup. The number of believers without face powder and cream are increasing. All of the female believers will do so. When women continue not to wear makeup, they become very beautiful in at least a half a year or a year. They no longer need to pay for cosmetics or save time to wear makeup. When a woman is invited to somewhere, she touches up her makeup at the restroom. That is a kind of un-honest deed or delusive act. It is not bad that women try to make themselves look beautiful but if they try to show themselves better than they really are, it is deception with goodwill or a crime with no punishment. When a woman stops wearing makeup while receiving Johrei, their face once becomes black for a while. I was surprised when I saw such a woman a few days ago. I thought she became like that as she stopped makeup. Therefore, women have to be patient for a while. However, when that such skin condition is over, it becomes very clear with pleasant beauty. Furthermore, they always have purification so that their blood becomes clean. We can see the clean blood through their skin, which is agreeably beautiful. To tell the truth, therefore, there is no beautiful woman in this world.

As for their behaviour, it is also changed. It is due to their personalities. Women lost their kindness and make excuse in every way. Then they are proud that they are equal to men. Such proud women appeared. When you see the photographs of women in the Meiji or Taisho era, they were beautiful. On the contrary, those of today’s women are not. They have a rush on their skin or rough skin. They cannot be seen without makeup. When looking at such women up close, they are not beautiful but rather ugly. It means that they gradually lost their natural beauty. Therefore, they need to get back their natural beauty.

As for skin cream, it contains various medicines which gradually become stronger. I read an article in the newspaper the other day, which says that American women have trouble with their rough skin. I think that it is because American cosmetics contain strong medicine. It is good for female believers to know such a thing as they wear less makeup. I think that they should reduce more and more and finally stop wearing makeup at a certain time. They would better to become naturally beautiful women. They can save time and money and gain their husbands’ love, which serves three purposes. (“Book of Medical Revolution,” 25 July 1953)

Translated by N.H.