Our Aim

We help people, without regard to religion or nationality, to acknowledge the divinity of Meshiya-sama and make a direct and strong connection with Him.

We promote the initiation into the spiritual qualification of performing Johrei.

We hope that such activities help people to lead a life towards the right path.


◆Mokichi Okada, An honorary title of ‘Meshiya-sama’

(23 December 1882-10 February 1955)

Founder of Meshiya-kyo

‘Meshiya-sama’ started a religious organization ‘Dainippon-Kannnon-kai’ on 1st January 1935, followed by the founding of ‘Sekai-Meshiya-kyo’ on 4th February 1950.

He developed the relieving activity, by the performance of Johrei, along with the revolution of medical science, and promotion of religious reformation.

Moreover, he popularized natural cultivation without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and laid the foundation, idea and technique of the present natural farming.

Besides, He promoted artistic activities such as leading ‘Paradisation and Improvement of oneself by art’, and founded the MOA Museum of Art.


◆Wasumaro Umeki

(15 February 1955-25 March 2017)

Representative of Meshiya-kyo

He had a revelation which said whoever acknowledges the presence of ‘Meshiya-sama’ receives the power of Johrei, followed by setting to work on ‘Meshiya-kyo’ as the second foundation of ‘Sekai-Meshiya-kyo’ on 4th February 2000.

He had promoted ‘the initiation into the spiritual qualification of performing Johrei’ and held ‘Meshiya courses’ all over Japan.