The Annual Grand Ceremony of Miroku

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

We are honoured that we can hold the annual grand ceremony of Miroku on 5, 6 and 7 March as usual. It is the first time for us after Sekai-Meshiya-kyo was established. In this sense, I am very moved as I think that this ceremony has a very important meaning. When I recall, I first took part in the work of God on 3 February 1928. It will be the twenty-third year since then. The foundation work has been completed for those years. Now we prepare our organisation for full-scale activity and carry it on under the banner of the salvation of all human beings. In a word, we just dressed and waited in the backstage so far. Now we are about to go on the stage.

Generally speaking, Meshiya is deeply related to Christianity. The opinion of their relationship is divided and its interpretation has not been determined yet even in the Western countries. It is because human beings can hardly find out the inner part of the deep mystery with their knowledge.

As for me, I have not called me Meshiya yet nor said that Christ comes back. I was prohibited to do so by God until a certain time comes. Besides, I would be in trouble if people thought that Messiah descended to earth. They would come to see me all over the world and I would not be able to work at all.

What I can say for sure now is that I carry out God’s great providence to save the world. You can understand it when looking at what I am doing now. Therefore, I named Sekai-Meshiya-kyo which means the religious organisation to save the world in Japanese. Here I have to say one thing. Now, everything becomes globally but on the other hand, most of the existing religions are still regional. Therefore, you should know they don’t have a mission to save all human beings. Only Christianity has that mission and for this reason, it has spread widely like today. However, it is very questionable whether Christianity can save all humans from the great suffering or not as the fact clearly shows it. To be frank, the power of religion cannot help. The experts equally say so. Here I can say frankly that we need something which has more power than religion and it should be a super religion.

Religion means the teachings of the religious founder. The Bible, sutras and the Koran are teachings after all, which teach people through the letters and awaken their soul. It means that people do it by themselves after all. However, people can no longer make it by themselves today. The teachings are sure to be needed from now on but the greater power than them must be exerted. Having said that, it is not the individual power of so-called a living god, which doesn’t have enough power. It must be the absolute power of God or Jehovah who rules over all humans. Such power has, of course, not been exerted yet throughout human history as we just needed the only power to prepare for the Paradise on Earth until now. As our organisation, the world was, so to speak, behind the scenes. Now the time is ripe. The world reaches the turning point and the establishment of Heaven as the ideal of God will come true. Since this is the basis of all, you won’t be a qualified person who can participate in the great work of God until you fully recognise it. (11 March 1950)

Translated by N.H.