Prefatory Note

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

Signs of disturbance spread thorough the world now. No one doubts that the Third World War is not avoidable. Even so, I don’t think that it starts soon but the situation is not definite yet. Besides, allied countries including the U.S.A. are not well ready for their armies, which are greatly different from that of the Soviet Union. Therefore, they have to gain time. For this reason, they try hard to earn time even a day by a tool of diplomatic measures. As you can see, that is United Nations Conference they are holding these days.

As for the Soviet Union, they, of course, have to fully prepare for their army. Not so much as the allied countries but they also need time. If both gain time in this way, what will happen in the end? Needless to say, the more they earn time to improve their armies, the greater the war becomes if it happens. The possibility we face a great danger does increase.

Then how should we do next before an unprecedented great calamity occurs? This is a serious task for us who have a great mission to save the world. Thanks to God, we can prospect the future even if we are at the centre of such great anxiety. We rather have a brilliant expectation that Messiah descends to earth at the last minute. Then what does it mean for human beings? It is a promise from the ancient time which He saves them. Therefore, we are firmly convinced that a great miracle must appear now. If it is so-called the Last Time, we will have an honour of serving as a servant of God at a chance in million. We are so moved that we cannot express our feelings of great happiness with words. (25 January 1951)

Translated by N.H.