Why does Kannon therapy cure the disease?

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

What is the cause of the disease? This issue has been discussed from a religious and also medical point of view for ancient times. Religion considers that the disease is caused by sins. On the other hand, medicine considers that most disease is caused by bacteria, which is, however, very questionable in effect. When looking at the treatment of tuberculosis as an example, the government and private sectors are cooperated and try to eradicate this disease but doesn’t achieve the expecting result. It is because it is caused by not bacteria but something else which has not yet been discovered. Therefore, it often happens that some people get ill no matter how much they use sanitizer and on the other hand, some don’t even without any care about germs. What does it suggest? It is not too much to say that most of all people get influenza. Regarding this, people equally get it even if they wear a mask and often gargle. It shows that all diseases are not caused by bacteria and therefore, we cannot say that all causes of disease are found.

On the other hand, the theory proposed by religions, which says that disease is caused by sins, reveals the true cause of disease. Even I don’t object to it at all. Then the next question is how the sins are eliminated. If this question is answered, the infectious and all the other diseases, as well as tuberculosis, can be eradicated. I can declare it in my theory and experience.

Then how are they eliminated? There must be only one way and that is to ask God for forgiveness. When simply saying a god, however, uncountable gods play their own role but only one god can forgive sins in the universe. That is God who rules over the universe and I am honoured to say that Amaterasu-sume-Oomikami-sama is an incarnation of God.

Amaterasu-sume-Oomikami-sama is the one and only true god and has the highest divine rank. Therefore, he cannot save people directly under divine law. It is because there is a great gap between him and the people. I’m afraid to say that it is the same thing as that the Emperor cannot directly get involved in people’s matter. Therefore, Amaterasu-sume-Oomikami-sama sent executors to save people and they are such saints as Avalokiteshvara or Kannon, Amitabha, Sakyamuni, Christ, Mahomet and so on. However, God delegates His limited power to each of them according to the periods and regions. Since that is God’s intention, it was inevitable to do so.

Here we have to carefully examine the present world. It means that everything in the world has become international. On the other hand, all things hadn’t reached to such state when Sakyamuni, Christ, Mahomet and all the other saints appeared. Therefore, their teachings and efforts spread in a certain region at a certain period no matter how valuable they were. It was unavoidable. In this way, since their religions were found for such a limited area and temporary necessity, they cannot save the modern world like today. They didn’t have sufficient power. Besides, we cannot apply the political system for the whole world if it is created for a single nation as needed. For example, people in Russia don’t understand why an emperor reigns a country. Fascism cannot be adopted in the U.S.A. Japan never becomes a communist nation. If a person pays attention to these matters, they have an ability to see through things truly. Now everything has become international and we should generate the power saving the whole world and need the religion which has such an ability. However, the question is when and where they appear. It has not been answered yet.

Let us discuss the time first. Is it early that people in the world are saved right now? Everyone says that it isn’t because we cannot leave the present situation even for one day. Now people in the world deeply suffer. If the whole world is not saved now, we don’t know what our future would become. You should see how unhealthy the human body and spirit become. Religions are useless and human thoughts become confused. When you look at what’s going on in Europe and Asia, they are facing the greatest hardship since the dawn of history, which would show the end of the world. However, we cannot find the presence of the power to stop it anywhere. From these situations, we naturally understand that the time condition is fully required when the global religion appears and saves the whole world. We no longer postpone it.

Then how about the place? I immediately answer that it is Japan. It is obvious without relying on old books or saints’ prophecies. It is because Japan is the country which absorbs and digests all kinds of the spiritual culture in the East and the material culture in the West and ruled by an unbroken line of Emperors. Furthermore, it complies with international justice and keeps striving for peace and morality. Japan is unlike any other countries in the world. Just from this point of view, no one would disagree with my opinion. Therefore, no one would wonder why religion appears in Japan right now and save the whole world. Then who will responsible for such great religion and its role of saving the world? Is that an intangible figure of the god or Buddha, or a tangible figure of a human being?

The intangible god or the iconic figure of Buddha cannot achieve this great undertaking. Because of such forms of salvation so far, they finally created today’s hell like society but they cannot do anything for it. That is the current situation. Therefore, the agent that exerts the true power of salvation must be a human being. Otherwise, salvation cannot be done. Then my body is chosen as the agent. I don’t like to call myself a saviour but there is no explanation than the above.

In this sense, now the time has come when all people in the world are released from the cage of misfortune and agony. Therefore, I have to terminate the root of all evils such as injustice, corruption and dark thoughts, religions with extremely distorted teachings, people’s insane behaviour and so on and return people what they should be. Now people cannot move in sins accumulated for thousands of years. Therefore, I also have to purify all impurities fundamentally, which make everything get stuck, and eliminate all kinds of misfortunes. In this way, there are uncountable sufferings which people need to relieve from and the disease would be the most serious suffering among them. To solve this suffering, Kannon therapy has first appeared. Therefore. It naturally works very well and its effect cannot be compared to any other therapies.

Then Great Kanzeon Bosatsu, who should be said to be an embodiment of mercy and compassion, wields the power to forgive sins. Since this act is carried out through my body, it is clear why the true cause of sins are eliminated. To eliminate them, the spiritual light constantly emits through my body and eradicates all sorts of cloudiness. (17 February 1936)

Translated by N.H.