Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and Cultural Revolution

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

We say that Sakai-Meshiya-kyo is a religious organisation. The general public would think that it is something unique but must be one of the new religions after all. It is no wonder they think so as an excellent religion like us have never appeared until now. It means that ours are not just a religion which they can understand with the established religious concept. However, we have no choice but to call it Sekai-Meshiya-kyo as no other name is found. Why can we not find any proper name for it? It is because there has been no religion with such characteristic as ours until today. Then let me explain what kind of points are different from others. We take not only a role of religion but also the role of raising a so-called great cultural revolution. It means that we find all kinds of faults in basic culture and inform the way of true culture. We also demonstrate how to realise it.

Therefore, when our concept is known through the world, how much do people, especially the intellectuals get interested in it? I admit that pioneers appeared from time to time and some of them have accomplished revolutionary great achievements to contribute to the development of culture until now. When looking through the world, however, you would see that theirs are limited to a certain range and don’t last forever. Even in those achievements, Sakyamuni and Christ got good results. They raised the religious revolution. Even so, it would be said that they improved the spiritual aspect but not the material one very much. Besides, their active area is limited; Sakyamuni took his role in the East and whereas, Christ did in the West. It is inevitable as a culture had not been matured and infrastructure such as transportation had not improved like today. On the contrary, half of the twentieth century has passed and culture has developed very much now. Therefore, you would see that the great revolution which is about to be taken place by me is not just a dream. In the process of this revolution, both destruction and construction are sure to take place. This destruction isn’t done passively. It would be self-liquidation by the judgement of God on one hand and the construction of new culture on the other hand. Whether you like it or not, the time is approaching every moment. In other words, good things remain and evil ones are destroyed. If that is the case, you would imagine what God intends to do.

However, people wonder if such a great undertaking, which can be thought to be fictitious, is achieved while we are alive. As for me, I never dreamt it from the beginning but I thought that I would like to save human beings as a religionist as many as possible and that was my mission given from Heaven. As my work gradually proceeded, I clearly understood that I had such a great mission. Besides, I had to make a great decision as surprising miracles appeared one after another. I knew that this great undertaking had been carefully prepared by God tens of thousands of, hundreds of thousands nor millions of years ago. This is the greatest miracle of all. I saw a lot of things which were enough to prove it. I also knew that it was mentioned by many saints’ old prophesies. Now I don’t need any hesitation. I just dedicate to this great work of salvation with my whole body and spirit and carry it out while having a very strong belief. If a person doesn’t know this meaning, they might think that I am a megalomaniac. On the contrary, I have an extraordinarily cautious and a timid personality who cannot tell a single lie. I am rather a kind of fool and an honest person. Even so, I make such a bold statement. Therefore, please imagine how I am confident about this. (25 February 1952)

Translated by N.H.