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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

As known around the world, vaccination was found by Mr Edward Jenner in 1798, who was an English physician. It is not originally found by him. Since a long time ago in Greek, a pustule was collected from a smallpox patient by pricking with a needle and it was inserted under the skin of girls. As a result, they suffered from light but never severe smallpox. He learnt that and found that smallpox was immunized with cowpox instead. It was a great achievement. Besides, he was bold enough to try the first experiment on his beloved child. It shows the scholar’s strong conscience that he accomplished it at all costs. He, fortunately, had done it and suddenly was captured the spotlight. As everyone knows, he has been admired like a saviour in the world until today.

Before vaccination was found, people feared suffering from smallpox. It is because not only one’s life was threatened but also a terrible trace remained on the face even if one was cured. If such feared disease had been easily avoided, how people at that time would have been grad. However, I found that such a great discovery contrarily caused every possible disease in the future. Therefore, if I were asked whether vaccination affects us positively or negatively, I would regret to say it affects us negatively. To explain this reason in detail, here I present the theory which I have instructed since over a decade ago. I am convinced that it is as great as Mr Jenner’s discovery. From the beginning, I explain the true cause of smallpox. Needless to say, it is toxic medicine, which is taken over from generation to generation and then becomes a special toxin and inherited. Smallpox must have not existed when people didn’t use the medicine.

Because this inherited toxic medicine is thick, medical science misunderstands it for genetic syphilis. When purification occurs, this congenitally possessing inherited toxic medicine comes out of the skin in the form of a rash. This condition is called smallpox. Therefore, vaccination is, so to speak, the way of stopping the purification. If vaccination only stopped it, it would be not too bad. By stopping it, however, the toxin of smallpox or the inherited toxin is remained in the body and causes various diseases. Suffering was supposed to be caused only once by smallpox for a short period. Instead, avoiding smallpox causes people to suffer variously for a long time, after all. For this reason, I have to make them realise this blind spot. Of all suffering that smallpox causes, the worst one is tuberculosis. Knowing this, everyone would be surprised. Besides, some decades ago, a French medical scientist advocated the fact that tuberculosis patients increased after Vaccination Act was enforced. I read his article in a book and thought he was far-sighted. Having said that, I think that such terrible pockmarks would trouble a patient forever, whereas its pain shortly finishes. Therefore, vaccination could not be ruled out and his statement would be ignored. Not only that buy people also would never imagine the inherited toxins become the cause of tuberculosis which I discovered and other diseases.

Accordingly, it is ideal that smallpox is sure to be cured for a short period without any marks remained, which solves everything. However, everyone wonders if there is such a fine method. Then I declare that our Johrei can do so. Having heard that, you could hardly believe it. Therefore, I insert the story of personal experience as below.


My niece was completely cured of smallpox.

Reported by a twenty-three-year-old female practitioner of Johrei in October 1951.


I would be glad to report on my experiences that my niece was cured of smallpox in a short period as well as that I was saved from sufferings of pulmonary tuberculosis, pleurisy and peritonitis by Johrei, which I just started to practice four months ago. I am deeply thankful for God who saved my niece from such a dreadful disease of smallpox. She was completely cured without any traces in only one weak.

It was the 15th of February. I visited my sister after a long time and found her to be in trouble. She has a baby who was one year and five months old. She had chickenpox three days before. When I looked at my niece, half of her face was swollen and a light rash came out. She was having a fever and fussing. I promptly performed Johrei to her. On the following day, I visited her on the way back home from work. Her rash was getting worse than before. It was spreading to the head from whole the face. Her body, arms and legs also had the rash and became swollen so that she couldn’t walk. I said to my sister, “Don’t worry. The inherited toxins in her body are just coming out.” She replied, “She is in such a terrible condition. I will take her to see another doctor tomorrow.” I had no choice but to say earnestly, “If you do so, ask him not to get an injection.” Then I left her house and immediately reported it to my tutor of Johrei. He said, “Her condition seems to be so terrible that I will take care of this after getting the doctor’s opinion once again.” On the next day, I was received Johrei by another tutor and then visited my sister’s house. Before entering her house, I smelled antiseptic. Having a bad feeling, I entered the house. My niece’s grandfather was there. He was panicked and say, “When my son and his wife took my granddaughter to the hospital, she was immediately quarantined on suspected smallpox. They were also taken with her. I don’t know what to do.” He was half crying.

He continued to tell me that about two thousand neighbours in seven towns nearby were especially vaccinated and all of their houses were disinfected with cresol soon after my niece was quarantined. I was so surprised. Then I decided to go to the hospital as soon as possible and perform Johrei to her as much as possible. On the way to the hospital, I was praying to God. Soon after arriving at the hospital, I just heard a baby crying. I thought it must have been my niece. God helped me. I found her with my sister and brother in law. They were glad to see me. When I looked at my niece, how terrible she was. Her face became swollen like a balloon. Her mouth got purple, bigger than ours. Because of rash. she could not shut her mouth. She could only open her eyes slightly. So many rashes changed the shape of her ears. I could hardly think she belonged to this world. She became far more terrible than the scary creature I had ever seen in pictures. I’ve never seen such a horrible face in my whole life. Her whole body was purple and covered with pearl-sized pus without gaps. Her face was the worst. Pus balls are overlapped there and collapsed around her nostrils and her eyes, which caused their shapes to be changed. I froze at the sight of her. She wasn’t vaccinated because she suffered from whooping cough at the time of vaccination. Therefore, her symptom was much more severe than usual.

Her appearance was completely changed in a few days. I just prayed for Got to protect her and performed Johrei. “The detailed examination will show whether she suffers from chickenpox or smallpox. Doctors pay attention to her symptom, so people come to see her from the prefectural and municipal environmental health section every thirty minutes. Even Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and U.S. troops send the stuff to examine her,” my sister said to me but I couldn’t hear her. I concentrated on performing Johrei while completely relying on God. I kept performing Johrei to my sister and my niece in turn for about one hour. I persuaded her that God would save her baby. At the same time, I prayed in my heart that she merely suffered from chickenpox. I kept performing Johrei, even though the doctor visited my niece’s room twice while I was doing it. I spent a few days performing Johrei like this. On the night of the 23rd, I visited the tutor’s house. He regularly gives me advice. While showing me the newspaper, he said, “Please don’t be surprised. Your niece was diagnosed with true smallpox.” When I looked at the newspaper, I found the 10-centimetre square article and it said that true smallpox had developed in the Chukyo region. He also told me that the radio news reported the same thing at three and seven on that day. When I imagined that my niece would become terribly pockmarked, I was turning white. I chanted “Zengen-Sanji” and prayed for God without thinking. I asked my tutor what happened to her. He opened the book titled “Gospel of Heaven” and read it for a while. Then he replied, “This book says smallpox is cured in a weak. Johrei does work so please do not worry.” However, I was nervous when I remembered terrible pockmarks spread over her whole body and the article written up big in the newspaper. “Since Meshiya-sama’s writings never lie, you don’t have to worry at all,” he earnestly told me. I finally felt at ease and prayed for Got to protect my niece. One week later, the rashes on her whole body became scabs and took out like falling of beans. They were going to disappear without any traces.

As for doctors, they were puzzled and all saying the same thing, “It is strange. No traces remained even though she suffered from smallpox. Furthermore, she was saved and recovered so quickly, even though one can’t have survived without vaccination. There are no other cases like this.” When a child suffers from smallpox, one feels so itchy that even adults cannot stand but scratch rashes. One gets a fever and then dies. On the contrary, my niece didn’t scratch them. She had a fever only once from the beginning. Her swollen body completely went down within about five days. Then she became a normal baby. The mysterious things continuously happened. As for belated those who came from the environmental health section in the distant prefectures, they were completely lost.  They looked blank and went out. The people from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the environmental health section in the local prefecture did say nothing but, “It is bizarre.” When her rash was at its worst, the pus was taken out of her foot and injected into three rabbits. They all died.

My niece was once skin and bones but became round and chubby one month later. Her skin becomes white and her eyes become clear and shining. Now she is wearing shoes and jumping around outside. There is no trace of smallpox to be seen on her. Relatives and neighbours thought my niece would become terribly pockmarked even though she recovered. They were also just amazed at the great power of God.

I have got countless miracles and protection given by God. They are so great that I cannot thank Him enough. I would like material scientists to know these miracles as soon as possible. Smallpox, which is regarded as a terrible infectious disease in medical science, was easily cured in this way. Furthermore, there is no trace remained. How grateful, isn’t it? In this way, I was saved from severer suffering and my niece was also cured by God’s grace. I wanted to report how much God blessed us. To construct Paradise on Earth, I am now working hard to guide the sufferings as much as possible under the guidance of tutors. I do thank you, Meshiya-sama.


When you read this report, there is no doubt at all. Apart from Japan, however, people abroad would not receive Johrei for geographical reasons even if they knew this method. Therefore, vaccination cannot afford to be abolished after such a long time. It can’t be helped but we should keep it going until the time comes. Besides, it would take a few generations to eradicate smallpox even if we stopped using the medicine, which is the true cause of smallpox. Therefore, it is impossible to stop using medicine right now.

Even if vaccination stopped inherit toxins from coming out, it would result in causing diseases. They are roughly divided into two types. As I previously explained, tuberculosis and other diseases belong to one type. Scabies disease belongs to the other. Since vaccination stops toxins from coming out, the fine action called purification occurs to discharge them. When you observe the symptom of scabies disease, it looks like chronic smallpox. When a person becomes severely ill, many purple-black beans like rashes forms. They are itchy and hurt very much. To cure this scabies disease, it takes usually one or even a few years if the symptom is severe. As for me, it took five or six years to cure it completely.


Translated by N.H.