Evil and Guardian Spirits

Creation of Civilization
General Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

In the previous chapter, I described that evil was no longer necessary though it was needed until today. Even so, it cannot be easily removed. However, God governs this matter in a very subtle and profound way. I will explain it step by step. Here, you must know in advance how the universe is structured. Needless to say, there are three lumps of the sun, the moon and the earth floating in the centre of the universe. Let me explain those three. The sun consists of the element of fire, the moon consists of the element of water and the earth consists of the element of soil (nitrogen). These three elements certainly have their own nature and fulfil their own ability. Among them, the elements of fire and water combine and form the air. This air covers the earth, creating and nurturing everything. Then, what should things be on the earth? They are all divided into either of two opposed characteristics; ‘yin’ and ‘yang.’ Namely, ‘yang’ is the spirit of fire that burns vertically and ‘yin’ is the spirit of water that flows horizontally. These vertical and horizontal elements are active in a twill-like state. This state is made up of intertwined unimaginably ultrafine particle lines. It reaches a certain height on the earth and forms air layers or the atmosphere. The natures of ‘yang’ and ‘yin’ are embodied as fire and water, heat and chill, day and night, light and shade, spirit and body, man and woman, and so on. If those two are divided into evil or good, ‘yang’ belongs to good and ‘yin’ belongs to evil as the former is embodied as spirit and the latter as a body. In this sense, good and evil are contrastive. That is the basic way of great nature. This theory is applied to human beings. You will see that the human body consists of two elements; a visible body and an invisible spirit. They are inseparably united. This unification creates vital energy and maintains human life. Here, there is a law. That is, spirit leads and form follows. It is proved by the fact as follows; when the heart as the central part of the human spirit gets motivated, it gives an order to the body and then the body takes action. This clearly shows that spirit is the essence and the master of humans. Then, the question is why evil thoughts arise from the spirit. Since this is the most important point, I will describe it in detail. Before that, please understand that I must explain it religiously. It is because good and evil are a matter of the heart.

Now we move on to the main subject. As described above, human beings consist of spirit and body. Therefore, it is obvious that true science cannot be born if it only studies the human body. No matter how it progresses, it is one-sided and unbalanced after all. On the other hand, our science is based on the relationship between spirit and body. If it were not true science, what would it be?

As I explained above, good and evil arise from the human heart or spirit. In addition to that, ‘spirit leads and form follows’ is the law of truth. From now on, I will explain the theory based on these principles. You must figure it out fundamentally if you thoroughly examine it. First of all, let me explain how human beings emerge. Needless to say, they do by pregnancy. If it is explained in a materialistic way, a male spermatozoon plunges into a female ovary and then the woman becomes pregnant. If it is explained in a spiritual way, a part of the divine spirit dwells as a single soul. After the birth at full-term, two other souls approach the born child. In that way, three of them tie a relationship. One of the above two souls is called a vice guardian spirit. It is an animal spirit and usually possesses a person when they become a few years old. The other is called a principal guardian spirit. It does not directly possess a person but always attends around them as a guardian. Since both spirits never leave the person, humans are, so to speak, a tripartite community. As for the spirit that dwells first, it is called an original guardian spirit. It is divinity itself and conscience. An old saying says that ‘the nature of human beings is originally good.’ This describes this guardian spirit. On the contrary, the second or vice guardian spirit is evil itself. It is always fighting against the original guardian spirit as good. You would see what that means if you look in your heart. Then the third or principal guardian spirit is chosen among those of the ancestors. It always attends around a person as a guardian. It prevents them from all the causes leading them to misfortune, such as disaster, danger, disease, misdeed, negligence, degradation, and so on. I think you’ve heard of foreboding, a revelation in a dream, disturbance, discrepancy and a bad time. They are all the ways that the principal guardian spirit takes to protect the person. It sometimes saves them from danger by letting them miss the train for some reason. It also disturbs them from approaching evil so that they cannot do so. As I described, the original and vice guardian spirits always fight each other. A person does good deeds when their original spirit defeats their vice spirit. On the contrary, they do bad deeds when their vice spirit defeats their original spirit. In that sense, human beings are between God and animals. People become like a god when they improve. Contrarily, they become like a beast when they become depraved. If you look at the world, you will understand it well. Then, what are vice guardian spirits? In the case of the Japanese, most of them are the dead spirits of tengu (long-nosed goblins), python, raccoon dog, horse, dog and bird for males. For females, they are often those of a fox, python, cat or bird. There are many other types of vice guardian spirits, too. Other than those, some spirits temporarily possess a person. When hearing such a thing, people of today think it is nonsense and cannot believe it. However, this is unmistakably true. They cannot believe it because they believe in materialistic superstition. Therefore, they will understand it immediately if they cast away such belief. In fact, people show the nature of the animal spirit that possesses them. Anyone must notice it when observing them carefully.

As mentioned above, some spirits temporarily possess a person. Most of them are the spirits of animals. However, those of the dead occasionally and those of the living very rarely possess humans. Then, why does this happen? Needless to say, it happens to depend on whether the human spirit is clean or cloudy. As the spirit becomes cloudy, the evil spirits easily possess them. The original vice guardian spirit gains the power, too. As a result, people inevitably do bad deeds. In this sense, most modern-day people are easily possessed by evil spirits because their spirits are very cloudy. Therefore, evil spirits are easy to work and crime consequently increases. On the contrary, believers in gods and buddhas have fewer clouds in their spirits. They like to do good deeds because their souls are purified enough to put the evil spirits under their control. This is the value of religious faith. However, those who don’t have faith would be a sort of dangerous character. They usually look like good people but no one knows when they are possessed by evil spirits. To realise a better society, therefore, we have no choice but to increase the number of people with purified souls. A soul is originally a kind of light emitter. The animal spirits are most afraid of this light. Since most modern people have cloudy souls, unvisited guests called evil spirits easily invade and manipulate them. Naturally, society is in a state of pandemonium. What’s more, political leaders don’t understand why such turmoil causes. They just try to prevent evil only by laws and punishments. Since those ways are pointless and temporary solutions, they cannot work. You will understand this well when you look at the Diet. Most of the bills are about the amendment and addition of law. That is a manufacturing method of temporary solutions. As we have to see such ignorance all the time, we cannot help but draw a long sigh.

I hope that you almost understood what evil is from the above. Needless to say, religious faith is the only way to solve this matter fundamentally. When you simply say religious faith, however, there is a hierarchy of gods we worship. There are upper, middle and lower classes. They are not only divided into 181 grades but also classified into true and evil gods. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish them. Some people are extremely religious but are not given the grace they expect. They don’t recover from the disease and do wrong things. It is because the god they believe in has less power. Therefore, it cannot stop evil gods’ activity.

Looking at these circumstances, people regard such faith as a low-level superstition. That is a problem. Even if they occasionally know a faith-worthy religion like ours, they cannot distinguish ours from that. This is very regrettable. In addition, ordinary people have assumed for a long time that all kinds of gods are simply precious and grateful. They didn’t know their differences, which puts them at risk. Besides, such things happen because the religion that worships the supreme god has not yet appeared. Here, you will be glad to learn that the supreme god has finally manifested itself.

It means the gods that have appeared so far are not at the top rank. Their power is not strong even if they are right gods. Therefore, they are temporarily defeated by evil. When people see that, they are fascinated by evil and try to follow its example. As you know from history, those who have ambition and ability especially do so. There are many footprints of such brave heroes. They certainly succeeded once but failed in the end without exception. Let me explain this phenomenon from the spiritual point of view. When a person was possessed by a big figure in the evil world, everything easily goes well at first and they become in rapture. However, it stops at some degree and they are sure to fail. Then, the evil spirit immediately leaves away from the person. Such persons are Caesar, Mussolini, and Hitler as far as we know. After they failed, they became different like fools as if they lost their hearts. Everyone possessed by such a great evil spirit becomes so when it comes out. Surprisingly, the head of the evil world made an extremely complete and detailed ever-lasting plan to take control of the world two thousand and a few hundred years ago. Since then, it has been working behind the scenes. As for gods in the divine world such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahomet and family gods of ‘Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto,’ they are fighting against evils.

As described above, God has had good and evil gods fight each other to progress culture. As a result, evil has defeated good up to ninety-nine per cent. That is the current situation. Here, God is going to manifest the power of one per cent and turn down the great plan of evils. This is the war between the ninety-nine and the one. We are just one step before this war. Once understanding this truth, everyone cannot help but wake up suddenly.


Translated by N.H.