The Work of God

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

All ceremonies are finished today. These autumn grand ceremonies especially have an important meaning. It is because they are the first autumn ceremonies after Shinsenkyo was completed. As I previously described, Shinsenkyo is just the centre of the earth. It means that it is the heart of the earth. I wouldn’t be able to say such a thing before the peace treaty was concluded. To tell the truth, this place is the model of Paradise on Earth. Since the model is completed, it gradually spreads. When it spreads through the world, Paradise on Earth will come true. If that is the case, the ceremonies have a very important meaning. Therefore, the model of Paradise gradually spreads in that way. It’s very fine. It is very well on the good side but what about the bad side? On the bad side, filthy things are eliminated as they spread. For this reason, a war will be broken out, things will be destroyed by an atomic bomb. In that way, a major cleaning will start in the world.

Regarding this, the wife of Mr Taga is possessed by the spirits. They are spirits of founders of various sects in Buddhism. They ask her to apologise to me. It is true. Some of them are expected but some are not. They knew that the world of Buddhism would disappear and realised that there were many mistakes in what they had done until now although they meant well. Therefore, they want to apologise and ask me to use them for the work of God, which is to create Paradise on Earth or to change the present world into the World of Light. They appear one after another. I wrote about this and it is published in our newspaper.

Recently, various gods come to celebrate me. Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, Izanagi-no-Mikoto and so on, even Amaterasu-Oomikami-sama came to celebrate me. Amaterasu-Oomikami is regarded as the greatest god in Japan but he is not God but the sun god. Since not only the sun but also the moon, stars and even the earth exist in the universe, all of them are controlled by God. Then He has me do His work. Therefore, such great gods work very much for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. They said such things. In this way, the work of God is carried out in the real world from now on. Having said that, it starts deep inside the real world. When “five,” “six” and “seven” are all prepared, it really starts in the real world. This first stage is about to start. Then the second stage starts in Atami. When the model of Paradise on Earth is completed there, the work of God is really carried out in the real world. As I always say, Shinsenkyo represents the spiritual world. It means that it represents the spiritual realm in the real world. On the other hand, Atami represents the real realm in the real world.

We found a suitable land in the place called Saga in Kyoto now. We made just a land contract. The land is about sixty thousand square metres. It is just enough at this point or might be extended. Kyoto represents “seven” and whereas, Hakone represents “five” and Atami does “six.” Therefore, the model of “five,” “six” and “seven” has been prepared in Japan. Hakone also represents the mountain, Atami does the sea and Kyoto does the earth. They are “five,” “six” and “seven” altogether. Because of the earth, the land in Kyoto is flat. I looked for a flat land with a pond and we just purchased the one with such a condition.

God found it after all. Therefore, everything is perfectly commanded from time to time. Furthermore, the land is located between Shakado and Honenin. Shakado is located in Saga and the statue of Sakyamuni is enshrined. I visited there first when I visited Kyoto last year. Whereas, Honenin is the temple which Honen Shonin used to live. I gave a lecture there last year. Honen Shonin is the founder of Jodo sect. Shinran Shonin followed him and found Jodo Shinshu sect, which was followed by Rennyo. Therefore, Honenin is the heartland of Amitabha in Japan. The land is located between the place of Sakyamuni and that of Amitabha Since Kannon-sama is my matter, three of them are prepared and formed in this way. There is a word “Miroku-Sane” from a long time ago. It means that three of Miroku meet together. We say “the sound of the bell of Miroku-Sane” or “the dawn of Miroku-Sane.” When three Miroku meet, the world of Miroku has just started. Now its model was completed.

Roughly speaking, Kyoto represents the world of the buddhas. It used to be the land of the gods. However, gods retired and then their land was transferred to the world of the buddhas. In this way, the world of the buddhas was created and still exists there. So, Kyoto is the land of the buddhas. When it finally perishes, the world of Miroku appears. That is a primary meaning and it gradually transforms into reality. When looking at the world with that intention, you would see it. In Kyoto, I will construct a garden, architecture and so on in a very Japanese way this time. I will explain how I do that but before explaining it, let me describe Kyoto today. In Kyoto, various buildings and gardens were built in a very traditional Japanese style. In that sense, Kyoto is a good place and we would see Japanese culture there. However, when looking at them now, we cannot find a sense of unifying. They exist in pieces.

It is because various patterns of historical culture coexist. It means a peaceful time didn’t last so long. The peaceful time only lasted during the age of the Tokugawa clan. Until then, various culture flourished in Kyoto from time to time which changed from the Nara to the Heian, Kamakura, Higashiyama and then the Momoyama period. Except for the Kamakura period when the culture was rather developed in Kamakura region than Kyoto, variety of culture appeared in Kyoto in various period. The culture in the Nara period is characterised by Buddhist art. Many temples were built and many Buddhist artefacts were found. Then aristocrat culture was flourished in the Heian period. People with a high rank stayed deep in the palace and made poems. Many famous poets appeared and were active at that time.

All of the most significant art, paintings and sculptures were created in the Fujiwara period. They are very good but had too aristocrat taste. They didn’t fit the general people. Then the Higashiyama period came next. It was the period of the Ashikaga clan. Shoguns built Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji. They were flamboyant. In a word, they are the culture for Shogun. They enjoyed it as a ruler. Then the Momoyama period came. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Hideyoshi did create a culture at this period. He created gorgeous and also austere refinement culture such as Tea Ceremony. Interestingly, incompatible characteristics coexisted in this culture. After the Momoyama period, the age of the Tokugawa clan came. The gorgeous and wonderful culture was flourished especially during the Genroku period. Therefore, we still appreciate this culture most as present music and dance and also art. Such things exist most now and are popular. We also don’t forget Tea Ceremony. The culture in the Genroku period was enjoyed by general people for the first time. It became dependent on rulers and satisfied the extravagance of wealthy merchants. However, it didn’t last long. They became so much extravagant that Tokugawa Shogunate oppressed them. Even so, their culture was brilliant and the works of Korin or so appeared at that time.

In this way, general people started to enjoy culture for the first time in the Edo period. However, their culture didn’t develop enough in Kyoto. Most of the culture there was for rulers’ extravagance and enjoyment and such culture flourished from time to time separately. Therefore, I would like to put together such culture created from ancient times in the model of Paradise on Earth in Kyoto. It means I would like to create the model with mixing and harmonizing good parts chosen in various culture. Based on this, I would like to create it to fit perfectly in the modern sensibility. The theory is fine but carrying out it is quite difficult. Ideally, I create the stunning model suitable for twenty centuries by the best use of the excellent Japanese things that have been created so far. Since God helps us, I think that the splendid model will be created. Then all of truth, virtue and beauty are prepared. The time has almost come to realise them.

Having said that, as we should save not only Japan but also the whole world, this is the very first stage or end to that. In this way, God gradually develops and shapes it. Therefore, I create something Japanese as much as possible in Kyoto. On the contrary, everything is westernised in Atami. A hall, observation platform and museum are all built in a western style. We can hardly find something Japanese there. We say a fire, water and earth. The West represents water. They have the culture of water which equals to Atami or “six.” Among water, fire and earth, the West represents water, Japan does fire and the East does the earth. Then Hakone is an origin or centre part. Therefore, things are created both in the West and Japanese style. (The rest omitted) (29 September 1952)

Translated by N.H.