the hand of Mehiya-sama
The hand of Mehiya-sama

Johrei 浄霊 (じょうれい) or purification of the spirit is the action of emitting Hikari, or spiritual light from the palm of your hand, which is the absolute power of salvation.

Our spirits are originally in a transparent form. However, once they become cloudy for any reason, it causes physical, emotional, and personal problems.

Johrei dissolves our spiritual impurities. Therefore, Johrei can guide us to solve our various troubles and problems and lead us onto the right path.


1. Who can master the power of Johrei?

We can immediately master the power of ‘Johrei’, or purification of the spirit, which is the absolute power of the salvation, by initially recognising the greatness of Meshiya-sama, or The Saviour, who is going to improve the present world we live in without any chaos.

Then, you shall master the act of Hikari or the spiritual light from the palm of your hand that continuously flows from Meshiya-sama to your target or chosen person. These are the actions of performing Johrei.


2. What is the theory of Johrei?

When you acknowledge the presence of Meshiya-sama, the spiritual links between yourself and Him become much stronger and Hikari from God flows stronger in your spirit.

The power of salvation is displayed by emitting Hikari from the plan of your hand.

All humans can emit Hikari, but the concept of materialism in our modern life prevents us from remembering it.


3. How to perform Johrei?

When you perform Johrei, there are three basic acts that you have to remember, and they are as follows:

・Sitting at the place of honour

・Relaxing of the shoulders, arms and fingers

・Performing and believing that Hikari goes through the receiver’s body

i.e.) determining a target behind the receiver

e.g.) the wall when seated, the floor when lying down

・Holding your hand 30~60 cm away from the receiver

There is an order to perform Johrei, i.e, you practice towards the front of the body first and then, the backside from the top to bottom.

On both sides, you perform Johrei in the centre, on the left side and right side of the body in order as follows:

The front of the body;

❶ the top of the head
❷ the forehead and between the eyebrows
❸ the neck
❹ the pit of the stomach
❺ the navel
❻  the pubic bones
❼&⓬ parotid gland(behind the bottom of an ear)
❽&⓭ the shoulder
❾&⓮ the chest
❿&⓯ the main artery and vein around the belly
⓫&⓰ the inguinal area



The back of the body;

❶ the crown of the head
❷ the medulla oblongata
❸ the neck
❹&❺ the back
❻ the coccyx(please perform Johrei carefully)
❼&⓬ parotid gland(behind the bottom of an ear)
❽&⓭ the shoulder
❾&⓮ the scapular
❿&⓯ the kidney(please perform Johrei carefully)
⓫&⓰ the hip

One performing time of Johrei is about 5~30 minutes. In that case, you perform Joheri towards the front side for two to five times longer than the backside.

The time required as above is only a guide. Please feel free to perform Johrei at a steady pace.

Please ask us for further details.


4. How to intensify the power of Johrei?

The real nature of Hikari from God is love itself, therefore, the more intense and deeper the feeling of love that we have, the stronger will the power of Johrei grow.

A sincere or competitive person can also make the power of Johrei stronger.

However, once a person is too obsessed with healing the sick, he or she will fail to have a good impact and result.

You must leave everything to Meshiya-sama when you are performing ‘Johrei’.


5. What is most important, when you master the power of Johrei?

It is enough for you to recognize the being of Meshiya-sama, who is going to save us from the present world of chaos and guide us to create an ideal world.

When you recognise Him and His performing of such actions, you shall be initiated to the power of Johrei straight away, without any medium.