Meshiya-sama’s Words

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

As for me, I am getting younger. This is called the Nativity of Messiah, which means that the Messiah was born. It is not just said but it happened. Even I was surprised. This is not born again but newly born. Strangely, I am reborn even when I am getting old now. The most interesting thing is that my skin becomes like a baby’s. As you can see, my hair becomes like a newborn baby’s one, too. When looking at my hair, the barber said that my hair is like a child’s one. My white hair is reducing and the black one is increasing. All my hair will become black soon. It means that God made me young to work hard.

Then there are many miracles happened, which are beyond miracles. I gradually tell the points which are allowable to tell. As for Meshiya or Messiah, it is the greatest lank in the world. It is called a king of kings in the West so that it has such a high rank. Therefore, human beings will be saved for the first time when I appear. What a great incident it is! I would like to tell you about many things but since I am like a newborn baby who doesn’t like troublesome things, I tried to describe the main points. I will explain more in detail on the 15th of June. So, I will stop around here today. (5 June 1954)

Translated by N.H.