The Spirit of Water and Fire

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

Questioner (hereinafter, this is called “Q”): Is there something called the spirit of water in society?

Meshiya-sama (hereinafter, this is called “M”): Regarding the spiritual therapy so far, a therapist takes on the patient’s illness. Tokuharu Miki found a new religion called “Hitonomichi” for Tokumitsu Kanada who is a founder of Tokumitsu-kyo. He was a famous person who performed various miracles. He cured Miki’s asthma. Mr Miki completely recovered but Mr Kanada had to be ill in bed instead of him for about a month. Therefore, Mr Miki found “Hitonomichi.” As Mr Kanada did, to take on the other’s illness and suffer instead is called “Ofurikae.” Then a god takes away the sufferings which spiritual therapist took on from the others every month. It means that God takes over their sufferings. Mr Miki did such a thing. As the number of the sick increased, he was no longer able to do “Ofurikae on his own. Then he made about ten associate founders. As he did, all spiritual therapies so far took the way of taking over the patients’ illness. It is because the spiritual therapists worshipped gods who belong to the spiritual line of the moon. They cure the disease with water like doing laundry and water consequently becomes dirty. On the other hand, my method of curing the disease is to burn it with fire. I don’t become dirty nor take on the disease. On the contrary, the more I cure the disease, the healthier I become. Since you do as I do, you would understand what I said. No religion using fire to cure the disease appeared before but now it has appeared. It is because the day has come in the spiritual world.

M: Christ also belongs to the spiritual line of the moon. I think that his miracles were exaggerated after ages to enhance his value as a founder of Christianity. There is an interesting story of Kobo Daishi. For example, he made taro hardened like a stone by a prayer. He didn’t have the ability to cure disease and therefore, he used moxibustion. Sakyamuni didn’t have that ability, either. Therefore, he preached to use the herbal remedy, which is explained in the herbal sutra. Kannon-sama incarnates to Bhaisajyaguru or Yakushi Nyorai and preaches to take medicine. They appeared at the night time in the spiritual world. Therefore, stopping purification was a quick way rather than encouraging it. Kannon-sama is a god incarnate and also Izunome-no-Ookami. Then God exists above him. God is called Amenominakanushi-no-Kami in Shintoism, Deus or Messiah in Judaism, Tentei in China and Mahesvara in India. Christ was born as a child of the Father by order of Him. He was needed to appear at that time. In my case, the power of God exerts through my body via Izunome-no-Ookami and reaches all of you. I take the role of the power company and whereas, Kannon-sama works as a hydroelectric generator and God is the provider of the water source. An amulet is a translator or electronic bulb. All bulbs are produced at the same company but the brightness differs from person to person. Some become as bright as a hundred candles and some as ten candles. It depends on the person’s work. In any case, people with an amulet emit the spiritual light much stronger than ordinary people without an amulet. They just emit almost not the light, whose brightness is as if a person tries to find something without a lump. Even if they practice, they will emit the light like a flashlight.

Q: Do religions belonging to the spiritual light of the moon perform hardening treatment?

M: Yes, they do. All treatments requiring human power are called a hardening method. Usui style treatment is one of them although he had seriously ill people hospitalised. He also admitted to hospital and died after all. His treatment was very popular among former Navy soldiers. (8 April 1948)

Translated by N.H.