God’s Providence

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

In the first place, what is the universe? Everyone knows that there is the sun, the moon the earth and the stars in the infinite space. We are living on the earth, which is the centre and also the master of the universe. The sun, the moon and the stars exist for the earth and the earth exists by them. Therefore, God created human beings to carry out God’s providence on behalf of Him. He, needless to say, also created everything for them in the universe. In this way, human beings have a great mission. They were born to manifest God’s ideal on the earth. When they realise this mission, they can be what they should be. In this sense, people should earnestly worship God and admire Okimi as a God incarnate, do their duty both to their lord and to their parents, despise idleness and devote themselves to their duties. They shouldn’t be captured their selfish desires nor do something opposite to the progress of the nation and society even a little. When people can achieve them, it can be said that they play their own role for the first time. Especially, Japanese should be aware that they are people of the empire and also chosen ones by God.

God’s significant purpose and providence are beyond our imagination from the first. Even so, we can just imagine that God has people appear as needed from time to time and let them carry out their mission under His Providence. They are, of course, all kinds of heroes, great people, saints and sages. Even war and peace are used for it. In this way, as everyone can see, the world has infinitely progressed step by step. When in the midst of a large-scale war, disturbance and natural disaster, people think such terrible condition might never end and have no hope for the future. However, when the time passes, the light of peace starts to shine and people enjoy peace and tranquillity. The world always changes like that and it is the real state of the world.

When looking calmly and thoroughly at how the world has changed since ancient times, you would see even vaguely that there is consistent and strict God’s providence and purpose. In this sense, I foretold a few years ago that Japan would unite the world. I also said that a new culture would be born in Japan by integrating western and eastern culture, which would spread from Japan to the world. Now my prophecy is steadily coming true and everyone can see it clearly. You would understand that all incidents are preparations for it, such as the Greater East Asia War, Second Sino-Japanese War, Triple Alliance, Washington Convention, withdrawing from the League of Nations, World War I, Sino-Japanese War, Russo-Japanese War and Meiji Restoration. Let me humbly say that God gave the divine order of “Hakkoiu” or universal brotherhood to Emperor Jinmu long time ago. I think that it is a great prophecy to foretell today’s circumstances.

Japan spent a few years for the Second Sino-Japanese War and in the meantime, the U.S.A., the U.K. and Holland have developed resources in the islands of the South Sea for a few centuries. Due to them, Japan could make careful preparation for the Greater East Asia War. Then Japan could devote the energy to that war and fight without regret, which owed to the Japan-Soviet Neutrality Pact and also German, whose army gave such a big blow to the Soviet Union. Due to the Washington Naval Treaty, the Japanese Navy had to train hard, which contributed to the splendid result of the battle today. All incidents must have been prepared by God’s profound intention. When thinking of them all, I think that God has carried out His profound providence for thousands of years to make Japan the lord of the world. I also think that everything works by God’s will and history is just the path for God’s providence. (5 October 1943)

Translated by N.H.