One Becomes One Hundred

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

Our believers work hard to take care of non-believers with Johrei and the power of the words. When they become a believer, they might think that their effort was rewarded. However, they only hold a novice’s hand and go through the gate together. Therefore, you cannot lose focus. They cannot be said true believers until you guide them to an inner room and show important places. Anyone who experienced it does understand what I mean. Regarding this, what I would like to say is that it is not difficult to guide one hundred people to the faith if a believer can truly guide one person. If each of one hundred new believers guides one hundred people, believes will increase in geometric and a surprising number of people will become a believer.

Having said that, everyone thinks that it is not so easy. It is because they just think based on existing religions. As a matter of fact, our religion is completely different. It means that ours are highly advanced and cannot compare to any other religions in terms of power. Especially, our original method of Johrei gets a great result of curing disease, which is beyond your imagination. Once you experience Johrei, however, you will see it. I admit that various religious healing methods exist so far but they are just divided into two; indirect benefits of gods and buddhas or self-reliant efforts. Besides, such gods and buddhas are in less than the second rank and can only exert a certain power. On the contrary, we worship God as the main object and He exerts absolute power. When you look at other religions, they all build a kind of hospital. On the other hand, we don’t. This fact would prove that absolute power is exerted in our religion.

Furthermore, we seldom follow the doctrines or methods established hundreds of thousands of years ago or we rather point out their mistakes. In this way, everything is new in our religion. Furthermore, we greatly criticize scientific culture, uncover its defect and provide guidelines for an advanced culture even though existing religions take very little interest in it. Therefore, if someone criticises our religion in some ways, they haven’t truly experienced it yet. Our uniqueness is also shown by many miracles and our large-scale vision which is second to none. Therefore, people might think we talk larger but our vision is surely realising and achieving an amazing result. This is recently getting attracted by not only those who are interested in religion but also finally those who are not a party.

In this way, religious matter is one of our activities while we are categorized as a religious organisation. It means that we achieve great results mainly in the field of medical art, agriculture and art so far. We are sure to carry out epoch-making projects in other fields of culture in the future. In a word, we aim to change the wrong hellish culture into a true heavenly culture. When we have such unprecedented power, it is no wonder that only one believer guides one hundred people to the faith. (21 January 1953)

Translated by N.H.