True Broad-Minded Religion

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

It is commonly known that religions have two types; one is broad-minded and the other is narrow-minded religion. Regarding this, religionists and religious scholars until today explain the difference very carelessly and ambiguously. Most of them wouldn’t refer to the ultimate truth of their difference. Therefore, I will thoroughly describe it. Before that, you should know first how religion exists in the world. Since a long time ago, religion is based on the teachings of the founder and each religion has its own way of edification. In a word, they are colour-coded.

Not only global religions such as Buddhism and Christianity but also Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan are colour-coded. Furthermore, there are branches in a school or sect, which are also colour-coded. Considering these facts, I think that they are fundamentally irrational. What should religion be? Needless to say, it is based on the mutual dearness among people and the peaceful and cooperative spirit. Therefore, all religions should have the same goal and no such colour-code in the way of achieving it. Nevertheless, they have their own goal and go their way. As a result, human thought naturally follows them, which would cause social disorder. Worse still, the power of religion or people on the good side is distributed and therefore, it cannot compete against the power of evil. As you can see, the reality is that the power of religion is always defeated by that of evil as the opposite side. Since God is perfect and whereas, evil has ninety-nine per cent ability, God certainly defeats evil at the end. However, it is not an easy matter for good. Regarding this, it often happened in my experience because the evil power is strong and almost takes control of the world. The evils always keep watchful eye on us and attack us if they have a chance. As the legend tells the relationship between Christ and Satan or Sakyamuni and Aryadeva, I think that the relationship between good and evil has never changed.

In this way, religion must have a stronger power than evil gods. Otherwise, a happy world never comes true. When good defeats evil, all religions become into one and the world becomes united. Then the happy world without anxiety comes true. It is a difficult task but not impossible. It is because Paradise on Earth as the purpose of God has been already approaching. To realise such a world, narrow-minded matters should be thrown away and broad-minded spirit should be a basic condition. This is the super cultural movement which includes religion, science, politics, economics, arts and all the other things. To take a leading role in that movement, a great person with superhuman power and wisdom should appear. (6 January 1954)

Translated by N.H.