The Relationship between the Law and the Savage in Human Beings

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

Everyone knows that the more civilized countries are, the more advanced the legal system is and more letters of the law increase year by year. We would say that the present age is a universal era of law. There are so many regulations that judicial officers and lawyers wouldn’t be able to remember all of them even in their lifetime. Even if they have their hands full just remembering the laws which they are involved with, the effect must be visible quit a lot. However, the main point of the decline in crime is not achieved or the number of crimes rather increases every year. Why does it happen? It is very strange, isn’t it? It completely disagrees with cultural progress. Here I would like to examine the cause of this contradiction.

In the first place, the main purpose of the law is to decrease crime in society first and create the world without crime in the end. It is needless to say now but the fact is contrary as mentioned above. In the Diet, the letter of the law increases year by year, which occupies most proceedings. If culture developed as expected, the number of criminals would gradually decrease and some letters of law would be no longer needed. If that happened, people in the Diet would discuss partial abolition of regulations. However, the fact is just the opposite. It is very strange but no one has a concern for it. It would be because everyone thinks that there is nothing to be done now and gives it up. In this sense, you can understand very well that crime is impossible to be eliminated just by the law. Even so, if we didn’t have the law, we would be also in trouble. Evil people would conquer the world and good people couldn’t sleep peacefully. Therefore, I think that we just leave the law as it is, adapt another effective method and carry out both. Education and religion must be such a method, there is no other way than those. However, we cannot expect them very much as the human world is still in such state even though we have been educated and believed in religion for centuries or decades of centuries.

As I previously explained, the law has almost the same meaning as the cage to house beasts. In a word, the beasts have the risk of harm to humans and animals without a cage so that they are just strictly controlled inside the thick lattice cage or the net for a while. As they break the cage and go out if they have a chance, its interstice gradually becomes narrow. In the same way, human beings are cracked down by tightening the law. It is rather shameful for them. As I explained above, if today’s people are treated like beasts, they cannot get their high horse on. Therefore, when thinking these points deeply, you should wake up as soon as possible. It often says a human-shaped beast from old times, which might apply to present people. In short, human beings are still half civilized and half barbaric.

Having said that, it depends on person to person or some should be treated as human beings but some must be as beasts inevitably. The same is true for nations. Some nations adopt militarism and some do pacifism. The former is classified as a barbaric nation and the latter is a truly civilised nation.

Then I describe education. It has been already examined and no need to explain. As you know, many scholars and educators have tried hard for several centuries and their achievements are recognised to some extent but that was all of the power they have. They cannot do anything more than that. Even so, compared to the barbaric times, human intellect has developed and human societies surprisingly have progressed and developed in all aspects such as politics and the framework of society. They owe to education and we shouldn’t underestimate its contribution. However, we cannot deny that it doesn’t have enough power to improve the spiritual aspect or human soul. It is because it still cannot make the law as the cage unnecessary. Let me lay this topic aside and describe religion next. Since a long time ago, many great saints and outstanding great people appeared. Not only they but also their disciples and believers have kept making efforts at the risk of their lives. They saved people spiritually to some extent but they cannot go far enough to make the law unnecessary. If that is the case, we cannot rely on established religions very much.

Then how do we completely remove beasts from human beings and create the world without a cage? Needless to say, unprecedented power must appear, which transcends all kinds of established culture. You should be pleased that this power is given to us by Jehovah as God and making a significant contribution now. This is the essence of our religion, which must be a great existence beyond religion. I would like you to think that I ring the alarm with this writing to dispel the illusion of human beings for the first time as a pioneer of the World of the Light to come. (22 August 1951)

Translated by N.H.