About the Culture of “⦿”

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

In the U.S.A., a new medicine was recently produced, which rapidly and intensely kills tuberculosis bacilli. As all of them are killed when a patient takes this medicine, it is advocated to cure tuberculosis easily. This medicine would be introduced to Japan six months to a year later. However, the effect is still uncertain and it cannot be clearly said to work. As I previously described, tuberculosis is not transmitted but onsets spontaneously. Therefore, it is useless even if the medicine kills tuberculosis bacilli. They onset one after another. The root cause of tuberculosis should be killed but they don’t know how to do it. This is like criminals or the poor. The criminals are tried to be rehabilitated by police, the law, prisons and so on. However, it would be useless unless the root cause of crimes were eliminated. The root cause is in the human soul. We should make people not commit a crime. To do so, they should know the existing of God through religious faith. They can never stop doing bad deeds until they know Him. Despite this, people neglect to take this way or rather oppress it as they think that it is rather a superstition. Then they try hard to eliminate the sins which are merely a result.

This applies to every case. It might be said that people cannot make a living or suffer from tax payment now but they won’t be in trouble if they work diligently. They are never troubled with poverty but disease as money is consumed by disease. Therefore, poverty will be solved if people become healthy. In this sense, we should solve the root causes of all. However, they cannot be solved now. There is nothing to do even if the root causes are found. Medical science is, therefore, just researching how to kill tuberculosis bacilli. Now I am writing an article titled “The Culture of “⦿.” The world until today is expressed by “〇” and the centre point “・” is an origin. It means the power of “⦿” hasn’t exerted yet in the world. In another word, God has not yet appeared. As a human being, He would be a father. It means that all gods appeared until now are just head clerks of Him. So are Christ and Sakyamuni. Christ called Him Heavenly Father, who is God. In this way, all the essential points are hidden. We only saw and understood the outer circle of “〇.” Sekai-Meshiya-kyo includes the power of God or the centre point, which means that our organisation has the power of solving the root cause of all human sufferings. When this matter becomes clear, almost everything becomes clear.

The disease is caused by the cloud in the spirit. Therefore, tuberculosis bacilli don’t generate when the spiritual cloud is eliminated. It is because the cause of the bacilli disappears. When it doesn’t appear, the bacilli gradually decrease. Tuberculosis bacillus has a lifespan as human beings do. For this reason, the number of tuberculosis bacilli gradually decreases. The older ones die one by one. On the contrary, new ones generate one after another. It looks as if baby bacilli are born and breed later. Medical science misunderstood it. If medicine kills bacilli truly, it kills human beings, too. When taking medicine, it enters the stomach first and moves to the intestine and then various parts by digestive activity. When it goes around the body, the effect to kill bacilli is no longer required. In the case of an injection, the medicine goes around in the blood vessels and reaches to the heart. When it reaches the place where the bacilli exist in the lung, the medicine is no longer effective. If you would like to kill them truly, the medicine should be injected directly into the lung. Then it will kill them. If the medicine is still effective after going around the body, it will be strong enough to kill a patient. It means that medicine kills not only all bacilli but also human beings. It will cover all. Medical science tries hard to do such a thing. It is hopeless. The manuscript titled “The Faith Healing for Tuberculosis” is completed and will be published recently. I want them to wake up with this. (5 March 1952)

Translated by N.H.