The Fault of Western Medicine and the Creation of Japanese Medicine

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

As I previously described, the disease is caused when the human spirit becomes cloudy and the human body works well to react to this action. If someone suffers from a disease, they feel pain or have a fever. For example, they have a fever if catching a cold, they have a sore throat if the tonsils become swollen and they have joints pain if they get arthritis. Then what is the real nature of such fever and pain? It is a spiritual and mysterious human art to cure the disease itself. God created human beings with a healthy body. However, they are breaking or about to break this universal law. Therefore, God cannot help but prolong the existence of disease to warn such their intention and act. God definitely hopes that people won’t break that law nor suffer from the disease. In other words, the disease is a punishment for the dishonest act of human beings.

Therefore, there are two meanings for the pain caused by disease; one is a lesson for people not to do a bad thing again and the other is a curing work for the human body. People have a fever or pain to cure disease. It means that such sensations are the method and act to cure the disease. Therefore, the disease is steadily relieved by such pain step by step. As everything has its peak period, the curing work for disease also has a peak or climax. People who suffer from disease must experience unbearable pain at some point. However, such pain doesn’t last so long. It is because the curing work is actively performed when a person feels severe pain. At that time, the disease is being cured greatly. Since people have not recognised this truth until today, they misunderstood that the pain worsened the disease. The more they feel pain, the more they get anxious and the more they try to get medical treatment. The truth is just the opposite but no one knows it. The more you feel pain, the more you are getting recovered.

As for western medicine, it primarily gives symptomatic treatment and exclusively tries to relive the pain of the disease. In short, when a patient has a fever, it tries to lower the temperature. When swelling is formed and pus is about to come out of it, it tries to stop coming out by cooling with ice or using a repellent. When a disease is being healed by pain, it tries to paralyse it with an injection. In this way, western medicine disturbs the curing acts rather than cure disease. It means that it tries to stop curing disease. Nothing is more wrong than this. What’s more, it is a very serious matter of human life and death but no one has ever realised it. What a surprising thing it is! Since I was spiritually taught this truth by Kanzeon, I cannot be overlooked for people in the world. Therefore, I created the truly healing medicine, the hygiene method to prevent getting ill and the health method for longevity. They are collectively called Japanese medicine. (1935)

Translated by N.H.