Religion and Science

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

Religion and science are regarded as different matters until today but that is terribly wrong. In fact, everything is included in science and also related to religion as they share a very strong bond. Then why did not people realise their relationship? It is because religions have preached very shallow teachings until today. Even if religion had preached profound theory hundreds or thousands of years ago, people couldn’t have understood it because the culture hadn’t yet progressed at that time like today. For this reason, God never intends to have people do something useless.

Now, science has progressed and almost enters the field of the divine spirit. Therefore, if I explain the matter of the divine spirit scientifically, it is not difficult for modern people to understand it. In this sense, I attempt to open the mysterious door which has been tightly closed for a long time until today. I am, so to speak, an amateur of science but not a scientist, who explains science now. Therefore, there might be an error in my explanation but I hope it helps you even a little.

In modern science, electricity would be the greatest invention which contributes to human culture. Needless to say, it offers benefits in all fields. If electric supply were sopped, it would be almost equal that culture is stopped to progress. The electronic era has come, indeed. Then the U.S.A. invented an atomic bomb, which first appeared at the end of World War II. Here the whole world met a great monster and, needless to say, had to face contradictions. It is true that this monster also contributed to putting forward the end of the war. Its great destructive power was first proved by taking away the lives of many people in a moment. On the other hand, we can imagine that it would become a great invention for the progress of human culture. After the electronic era, the atomic era would be built by this nuclear fission. Then what does come after the atomic era? That would be, what I advocate, the spiritual era or the era of the divine spirit. We can imagine that it would be the era of the highest culture. Here let me explain what it is like.

I first describe the principle of fire and water. To put it very briefly, fire burns with water and water flows by fire. If the fire didn’t exist, everything would be frozen in a moment. On the other hand, if only fire existed in the absence of moisture, this great earth would explode instantly. This is the same theory of the atomic bomb. When an element such as uranium or plutonium undergoes fission and releases energy, the atomic nucleus loses all of the containing hydrogens and explodes. This small explosion causes the same action on surrounding elements, which happens one after another, spreads widely and causes a large explosion. In this sense, it is not necessary to use those elements. If we find an element which contains strong radiation and can be removed all of the containing hydrogens, it naturally achieves the same effect. The theory of atomic destruction is explained today like this; it is caused when the elementary particle called electron, which is surrounding an atomic nucleus, is attacked and destroyed by radiation. In my opinion, the atomic nucleus loses all of the containing hydrogens by radiation and this is how the explosion occurs. The theory of atomic destruction is changing due to the continual progress of science. Proton is involved in the latest theory, which achieves the discovery of alpha particles.

Then let me explain the spiritual era. At this era, religion should take the main role. Here I describe three eras or realms I mentioned above. I explain the realm of electronic or electricity first. Electricity has two types; spiritual and material one. Lighting such as illumination light is categorised as material one and wireless system is categorised as a spiritual one which is used for radio and television. The human voice reaches with sound waves tens of thousands of kilometres away, which represents the dynamism of the realm of the miraculous power of words.

I describe the realm of atom next. This realm was discovered when the atomic destruction was invented. This is the material matter of atom. The spiritual one is scientifically still unknown. Religiously speaking, it exists in the realm of thought.

Then I explain the realm of spirit. In this realm as the physical matter, various spirits of gods and buddhas with medium or less grade exist and work. The established religions appeared from this realm. Since there are various classes for spirits of gods and buddhas, religions are naturally classified into the classes they belong. As for the spiritual realm as the spiritual matter, which I call the world of ether, this is where the most precious and noble gods exist and carry out important providences. All realms I described as above belong to the middle world. Above those realms, only one true God or in short, the Almighty exists. He is God of the universe and we cannot describe Him with any words nor letters. We just say that He is the centre of the absolute and infinite power of virtue and the origin of all things.

Now I try to explain the salvation carried out by gods and buddhas and the true nature of sins scientifically. In the first place, there are various religions in the world; great, medium, miner and so on. Any of them are helped by the spirits of gods and buddhads in the spiritual world to save humanity in this world and carry out the work of salvation through the people who have a spiritual connection with them. They, of course, work under God’s providence. It means that they are delegated the work of salvation for a certain nation, in a certain region, for a certain period or at a certain era. It is because sins accumulate in that region and this accumulation reaches the level of disturbing cultural progress. Religions principally aim to eradicate sins which causes human misfortune from a long time ago. Then what are sins? Spiritually speaking, they are the spiritual clouds and socially speaking, they are clouds accumulating in the region of the spiritual world belonging to that region.

Then what are clouds? They are a kind of poisonous germ which generates and lives in hydrogen or the spirits of water. They are micro-particles, which cannot be seen with a microscope, and increase and decrease in volume at all the time. These poisonous particles generate and increase with evil thoughts and deeds, which causes human sufferings. On the contrary, they decrease and distinct with good thoughts and deeds. As these clouds increase to some extent, natural purification action occurs. If the amount of clouds is small, purification happens as human disaster or illness and if that becomes large, it causes the three miner disasters of hunger, disease and conflict and the three great ones of wind, water and fire. To reduce those disasters as much as possible, eradicate them or relieve human misfortune, the spiritual light of great love emits from gods and buddhas. Therefore, saints, influential people and religious founders appeared to mediate that spiritual light and religionists of sects and angels appeared to intermediate it under them. To save people, gods and buddhas take an appropriate doctrines and ways for them from time to time.

The element of fire is an invisible light, which can eradicate the poisonous particles as mentioned above. The purification action is carried out by this element for the same reason as things are sterilized by the sunlight. Let me explain it more thoroughly. People receive this light by having religious teachings or praying to gods and buddhas, which awakens their souls. Then they repent of their sins, think good and do good deeds, which shines their soul and consequently decrease and extinct poisonous particles. I scientifically explained religion as above. Here, material and spiritual science is no longer divided but unified. That is the truth of the science in the era of the highly developed culture which is nearly coming. I tried to explain it simply. (5 September 1948)

Translated by N.H.