Johrei Brings Happiness

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

People think that our Johrei aims to cure the disease but in fact, it is not only for that purpose. It has a much more significant meaning and I explain it now. In a word, Johrei is the way to bring happiness. Having said just disease, it is, of course, purification and needless to say now, originally elimination action of the spiritual cloud. Furthermore, it is an action to eliminate all kinds of human sufferings.

Therefore, poverty and conflict come through purification. All of the disease, poverty and conflict which I explain are purification. Among them, the disease is the most important purification action as it threatens human life. If the disease can be solved, therefore, poverty and conflict will be naturally solved. As it is the basis of happiness, the cause of misfortune apparently comes from the spiritual cloud and Johrei is the best and easiest way to eliminate the spiritual cloud. For this reason, it is not only for disease as I mentioned at the beginning. Let me explain it further.

As I previously described, the human body breathes in the real world and whereas, the human spirit lives in the spiritual world. The human state in the spiritual world directly affects the human spirit and transfers to the human body. In this way, human fate is based on the condition in the spiritual world. Just like the real world, the spiritual world consists of many stages, which are divided into three main stages; upper, middle and lower. Each stage is subdivided into three and each sub-stage has twenty stages. Therefore, each stage of them has sixty sub-stages and they consequently have one hundred eighty stages in total. Then one more stage for God is added on the top so that one hundred eighty-one stage exist altogether. It means each god except for God belongs to one of one hundred eighty stages no matter what kind of gods they are. I explained the spiritual world vertically as above and now let me explain it horizontally. Each stage spreading horizontally differs from hell to heaven. When a person’s spirit belongs to one of the lower twenty stages in the sixty stages of the lower world, they are in great trouble. It is because that stage is in the lowest hell world full of anguish and this condition reflects the body. As the spirit rises to one of twenty stages in the middle of the lower world, the condition gets relieved a little. When it goes up further and reaches one of the upper twenty, the condition gets more relieved than before. In this way, every stage has a different condition of pain or pleasure. When the spirit breaks through the sixty stages of the lower world, it enters the middle stages. It is called the middle world or Yachimata, which is equivalent to the real world. Then when the spirit enters one of sixty stages in the upper world, the person belongs to heaven and gets a position of a heavenly being. Therefore, the spirit is placed in a situation of delight and pleasure.

Since a person’s fate depends on which stage they belong to as mentioned above, you should try to go up even one stage. The more you go up, the less you encounter painful or abhorrent things and the more you gain happiness. It is because you no longer need to suffer from purification. Therefore, it is useless no matter how you rack your brain and work hard if your spirit belongs to one of the lower stages. This is God’s law. We can never violate the law which is spirit leads and form follows. For this reason, you should purify your spirit and make it light and then try to go up even only one stage for your happiness. There is absolutely no other way but Johrei and here is a great significance of Johrei. (25 March 1952)

Translated by N.H.