Birth of Sekai-Meshiya-Kyo

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

In the first place, why was Sekai-Meshiya-kyo established? Let us examine modern culture first which human beings have diligently fostered for thousands of years. It has apparently progressed and developed very much and we are entirely dazzled its gorgeous appearance. When looking at it, it is needless to say how modern people praise and admire it. On the other hand, when examining it deeply, it surprises us very much. You would realise that its content is the exact opposite of its appearance. The content means, of course, the spiritual aspect of culture. There has been no progress. It seems that ancient people had a rich spiritual culture rather than we have. When measuring the human heart with a weigh scale, I am afraid to say that evil would be heavier than good.

It affects human society so badly. The effect would be more than expected. Look, the greatest suffering for humankind or war and detestable things such as disease, poverty, crime, natural disaster and so on never decrease but on the contrary, they tend to increase. It proves how badly modern culture influences human society. In this way, spiritual culture doesn’t progress as scientific culture does. That would be strange. Furthermore, no one has a question about this matter or people rather fascinate material culture and accelerate its progress more and more. Why do religionists, scholars, politicians and many intellectuals not realise it? Some of them would realise it but they don’t understand its cause. Therefore, they think that it is unavoidable or rather give up as it is a true figure of human beings.

Everyone wishes for their happiness. It is the main desire of human beings and they, of course, have used their brain as much as possible and tried everything to get happiness. Needless to say, their effort created the dream of Utopia and the wish of the ideal world. In this sense, human beings first relied on religion. However, they thought that religion might have not granted their wish. Therefore, they asked for something else. That is education, moral, philosophy and so on, which has been flourishing in Europe as well as China since the medieval period. Great scholars such as Confucius, Mencius, Zhu Xi appeared in China and an educator such as Socrates and philosophers such as Kant, Hegel and so on appeared in Europe. Human beings certainly expected them. Then, material science started to come to the forefront in Europe around the mid-seventeenth century. Since then, everything was gradually reformed. Especially, machine civilisation had developed and it suddenly caused an industrial revolution. People all over the world were fascinated by science. Here they thought that the empirical scientific culture, which is visible and grasped by hands, is the best to promote human happiness and create the ideal world rather than they adopted the roundabout way such as religion or moral as before. It is no wonder that they thought so.

In fact, the more nations have excellent culture, the more they achieve power and wealth, prepare for war and gain respect from the world. Their citizens are blessed with life and their prestige overwhelms surrounding nations. When looking at them, other nations competed for each other in trying to imitate them, which made scientific culture develop and progress. It was remarkably shown up to the present. However, human beings were so fascinated with and overconfident in this culture that spiritual realm becomes collapsed and morale has declined. Human beings followed up only visible things and became slaves of science before they knew it. As you see now, human beings started to be dominated by science though they should contrarily dominate it. For this reason, we are on the verge of facing a situation of global turmoil. The future of humanity would be uncertain indeed.

In this way, human beings forgot their originally long-planned happiness and the ideal world before they knew it. Now, they are in a situation where they cannot do anything about it. The more their culture develops, the further they stay away from happiness. It caused an extremely ironic result. It is like a seesaw; when one side goes up, another side goes down. To put it more simply, human beings first tried to create Paradise with spiritual culture but they thought it was not unlikely to do so. Then they were convinced that scientific culture could achieve their goal and they have moved on with all their energy. However, as I mentioned, the situation became far from Paradise or rather reached the stage of human extinction, which is scarier than hell. It means that the atomic bomb was invented. Even though such a dangerous time has already come, they didn’t wake up but worship material science as usual. In a word, they failed with spiritual culture and then material culture, too. Nevertheless, they haven’t learnt yet. That is miserable. Then what should we do? It should be an urgent problem for all human beings to solve. The answer is that they should recognise their mistake until now and make a fresh start. It means that they should seek a new and balanced form of culture which maintains a balance between spirit and material and matches both of them. Paradise can be realised only with this form of culture.

Given my description as above, we are now in a period of transition from the old culture to a new one. It is, what we always say, a great transition era of the world. Was there such great change happened before since the dawn of history? This is an unprecedented great issue. Then what is the new culture which replaces the old one? Needless to say, people cannot grasp a glimpse of it with their present intelligence. Then what is it like or who is in charge of the creation of a new culture? Here, you have no choice but to recognise the existing of gods for the first time whether you believe Him or not.

Therefore, I explain gods from now on. When simply saying gods, they are divided into three grades; upper, middle and lower one. Each of them has its own role. Shintoism says there are eight hundred gods and that is true. Speaking of gods until today, they have only two types; monotheism as Christianity and polytheism as Shintoism. However, both ideas have a biased view. The truth is that only one God exists but many gods are created by dividing His spirit at the same time. Therefore, we should say that one God becomes many gods. I got this conclusion after researching the spiritual world for a long time. This idea existed until now but no one could explain more about it. To tell the truth, even gods who were worshipped as a supreme god until today are less than second-class gods. The supreme god stays beyond the clouds and human beings just worshipped him far away. Then who is the supreme god? He is nothing but “Sushin” or God. He is called Jehovah, Logos, Deuce, Lord, Wuji, Christ of the Second Coming, Messiah and so on depending on people of each ethnic group or nation. They have praised Him in their best way. He aims for creating the ideal world of perfect truth, virtue and beauty. To do so, all conditions should be provided. Therefore, He waited for the time. Now it is coming and human beings should recognise it at first and must revolutionise their spirits as soon as possible.

As I said the time has come. Let me describe one proof of it. The World State is recently advocated in the U.S.A. It is the ideal world where the whole world becomes as one, which means that material culture has developed enough to realise it. No matter how people try to establish Paradise, if the cultural level is low or differs from a nation or ethnic to another and transportation in each county is poor, the future of the world is uncertain and human thought cannot be unified which is a basis for the ideal world. Then, if the time has finally come to create a new culture, we need to know in advance what its grand concept is. It is obvious that God realises its concept through a single person and carries out His great providence with the person as a body. As God chose me as the person mentioned above, you must understand why Sekai-Meshiya-kyo was found. Therefore, God reveals how to construct Heaven to me from moment to moment and I just carry out His providence as ordered. Along with this, God leaves useful things and changes useless ones into useful ones even in the old culture. This is the great love of God. I am afraid to say that other than those cannot help but perish forever. If this is not the Last Judgment, what is it? It is grateful indeed and terrible at the same time.

Here, it is extremely regrettable that materialists consider me a heretic and strongly criticise and attack me if I present what God just told me. It is understandable in a sense. As I mentioned, human beings have experienced either spiritual or material culture for a long time. Therefore, it would be natural that they could hardly understand a balanced new culture. Those who are in the side of spiritual culture regard our belief as a low-level faith as we fulfil worldly interests. They think that high-level faith should give only mental satisfaction and present scholarly difficult words with self-satisfaction. However, when practically saving people as many as possible, a good result cannot be achieved only by theoretical religions. If so, I think that is one of the reasons why existing religions are not doing well.

Then, from the peoples’ view in the side of materialism, they determine that everything is superstition except for what is visible as they attach too much importance to material. They, of course, have no room for believing the existing of gods. Worse still, most of the people in leader class or experts have such though at least in Japan. Therefore, they regard our faith as an extreme superstition and take objection to us with their speech and writings. Even some of them warn people not to come close to us. The general public is misled by them, cannot grasp what we are and often hesitate to contact us. As a result, most of the intellectuals would disturb creating a new culture without noticing it. In not only this but also every case, an opponent appears when something new is created both in the East and the West. This would be the sorrow fate of a pioneer.

The interesting thing is that experts praise and admire the theory with a little higher level than those in the current culture. It is the easiest level to understand for those who have been educated by the established culture. Most of Nobel laureates are those who advocated such theories. On the other hand, if a person occasionally advocates the theory with a much higher level than those at that era, people cannot understand it and therefore, consider it a heretic. Then they try to expel and eliminate it. Socrates, Copernicus, Galileo, Lutheran as well as Christ were such pioneers in Europe. Their sufferings prove what I described above. As for me, my theory is much more unprecedented than theirs and one or two centuries advanced. Therefore, people, who hear it for the first time or are stuck in established culture, are so stunned and regard it as extreme superstition that they sweep it away from their heads without willing to consider it. If my theory is just an eccentric one, why does not our organisation make a slight movement even when we are blamed and attacked so much? Then why do we develop more and more while being under the pressure of authorities frequently? Something must be there.

We went through the thorny path and broken through Yaribusuma or a line of long spears held at the ready many times. Nevertheless, the construction plan of Heaven progresses more than expected. Therefore, we cannot help but comprehend that there is something we cannot solve with reason. Furthermore, whoever becomes a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-Kyo once, everyone can exert the power of salvation which the founder of religion would have. Just a believer shows a miracle and it is nothing out of the ordinary. What wonderful worldly interests! As for our teachings, when reading them, people master the law of life, awaken the truth, improve their daily life and make their heart bright. As they even see throughout the future with a firm belief, they get true spiritual peace and enlightenment. The best thing is that the looks of our believers become better as time passes. It is because their blood becomes pure, which improves their health, removes anxiety about the future and improves their character. Therefore, they gain public trust and become a virtuous person who is beloved by people. Our motto is to construct Paradise on Earth and personal improvement is the basic condition to do so. It means that people should get qualified to live in heaven. Since the world consists of individuals, when the number of qualified people increases, the world gradually becomes heaven. (20 November 1950)

Translated by N.H.