The Action of Evil Gods

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

Needless to say now, everything moves on according to the law, that is spirit leads and form follows. All kinds of things and phenomenon first occur in the spiritual world and then they transfer to the present world. In this case, the transfer time certainly differs from phenomenon to phenomenon. It depends on its size, which means that a little incident transfer in a few days at the fastest and a big one transfers in a few years at the latest. However, the transfer time is recently considerably shortened as the World of Daylight is approaching. In fact, the drastic change occurs and unimaginable confusion happens in the spiritual world. This situation shows the end of the world very much.



The Intense Activities of Evil Gods


Now evil gods are desperately active. It is most remarkable. They have been their own way for thousands of years but their fate of downfall is now approaching. Therefore, win or lose, they are domineering as the last struggling. Evil gods have their head and Red Dragon and Black Dragon are most active now. They have more than a billion valets, which sounds enormous. They are divided into three grades or upper, middle and lower. Their role depends on their grades. Even they faithfully try to achieve their task. They do work hard because they can promote or might receive the distinguished service award depending on their achievements. Needless to say, the head of the evil gods commands them one by one from the general headquarters. Then his command is sent through a vice guardian spirit which possesses in the human body. In this case, suitable evil valets corresponding to peoples’ position and classwork on them. Their mission is to lead human beings to evil with all possible measures. It fully appears in the present social conditions. That is a problem. Worse still, their way is extremely clever and cruel. For example, they make people in the lower class commit a vicious crime such as robbery, murder and violence. As for people in a little bit higher class than them, evils make them commit fraud, forge the money, securities, paintings and calligraphic works, kidnap women and children with sweet words, commit adultery with amusing and so on. People in the higher class than them are forced to do highly skilled or intellectual crime under the mask of goodness. Evils make them commit such serious crime. Rolling up peoples’ property, making money by tricking people, bribery, official corruption, tax evasion, withholding of goods and black-market dealings are not to mention. They also frequently make women drink to play with them.

In all of those cases, when their criminal activities are discovered, they are found to violate the law and become criminals. Therefore, they are apparently bad people no matter who sees them. On the contrary, evils make people do evil deeds under the mask of goodness in some cases. These cases are relatively common in the middle and above class, especially in intellectual class. You should take great care of them. For example, they advocate the theory with their speech and writings, which makes everyone consider to be correct. They also speak and write a certain principle to make people think it is the truth. In this way, they make people trust them while doing opposite things they advocate behind them. This type of people are intellectuals and are trusted by the public. They do things so cleverly that it is hard to find out whether they are good or bad. Many politicians, celebrities and controversialists are such people. They occupy considerable positions in society and are respected by people. Therefore, we can hardly trust them.



Good from God’s point of view


Even if a person tries hard to do something which they believe to be good, it may turn out to be bad. That is the worst thing of all. The incident of 15 May and 26 February are such examples. Some great men did what they believe to be good and right at the risk of their lives but it turned out the opposite. This is the most terrible case. War criminals who were recently executed are the people on that side. Here I explain a crime which people never realise. Some people are willing to do something as they do believe that it is a great theory. However, the truth is that they have a bad influence on human beings. How pitiful they are! All of them I described above are controlled by evil gods, which hard-headed people stuffed with science are impossible to understand.

On the contrary, there are overwhelmingly high-level people. They are founders of religions, great scholars who prove a new theory or make a discovery, famous philosophers and so on. They are like superhumans. Therefore, they have been admired for a few centuries after they died or some of them became an object to worship. Needless to say, this type of people has no evil thoughts nor self-interest. Some of them are so respectful that they have dedicated their lives to what they truly believe to be good for people. From my point of view, however, their great achievements happen to give welfare to human beings and also bring them misfortune. Therefore, we cannot decide whether they are good or bad in most cases. Needless to say, they are not related to evil gods at all. However, some of their achievements, which were useful until a certain time, might become harmful and useless someday. The same thing happens to some scholars and religionists. A religion was excellent when it was found. As time passes, however, it grows complacent and the conflict and corruption occur. As a result, it becomes a negative existence. We have often heard about such cases. The same thing would happen to academics. The theory which was lauded all over the world when it was found often contrarily becomes a negative thing as time passes.

In a word, everything is done under God’s providence. To develop culture, the conflict between good and evil is needed and bright and dark and beauty and ugliness are mixed. Through these conflict and mixture, the world is approaching an ideal one step by step. This is the profound will of God, which we cannot see with human knowledge. You should know it. (25 December 1950)


Translated by N.H.