The Last Judgement

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

The Power of Kannon or “The Light from the East” is gradually spreading over as time passes. When it spreads, the world changes not artificially but naturally. It means that it is getting impossible to do something wrong or belonging to bad in every field. All kinds of disorders are terminated, all sorts of unreasonable things are corrected and humans and things return to what they should be. As for politics, if a political party do the wrong things or do more harm than good, it goes into liquidation. On the other hand, if the party realises that it did wrong things, returns to the original right mission and becomes beneficial for general society, it doesn’t need to be dissolved.

Since I describe the political party, let me describe other things about politics. As for constitutional politics and party politics, their structure and form were created by human beings after they researched and developed it for a long time. They are very well made. However, they look incomplete as people who operate them are not right-hearted. Therefore, we think that we should leave the form behind and first improve the human mind. It cannot be done in the legislature but should be carried out by a religionist.

Nevertheless, it is very regrettable that today’s religionists have no interest in it at all. Even so, such an attitude is reformed by the Light of Kannon from now on. Since everything has fallen into disorder until now, it often happens that people are in the position which is not suitable for their original qualification. Such cases are also corrected. For example, if a person, who should be in the position of a director, becomes a minister in a fraudulent way, he finally goes down and returns to be the original position. On the contrary, if a person is suitable for a minister, he becomes the one without any backroom campaign.

The same thing happens to religions. If they do something tricky or wrong, they perish one after another. When they realise it, correct it and return to good, they flourish again. Things are naturally judged so that human beings don’t have to do so. This is the revelation of the great power of Kannon. Therefore, as I mentioned, when you leave everything to Kannon-sama, wrong things are naturally solved. There would be many wrong things to be done for hundreds or thousands of years but they are no longer allowed.

The matter of good and bad is easily solved. For example, the U.K. controlled India and other nations as colonies. If they go back to the original state, the U.K. will have to make them free or do as they like. It is natural to do so. In that case, colonial rulers will rather have to ask the ruled countries for forgiveness and pay suitable compensations. As for India, since it was exploited the wealth worth at least ten billion yen, I think that it won’t be tolerated unless the U.K. returns it to India.

As for Japan, it has a mission to unite the whole world and the Emperor takes the main role or it. It is for the great peace of the world. If nations are individual, they never stop fighting. Therefore, Japan naturally takes the main role to unify them. In this way, the time will come when everything should be cleared or the great global liquidation is carried out. To tell the truth, all things carried out through nine thousand years are liquefied this time. I will separately explain the matter of nine thousand years in detail later on. As a result of the liquidation, the whole creation gets their own timing, place and position. When everything returns to the original state after that, the World of Miroku or the World of Great Light will come. Then people live in harmony in the world of eternal peace.

I boldly described the future but it is not just what a human being thinks or I think on impulse. It has been already established by God at the far era of gods Now it is about to be realised and no one cannot control this timing. Therefore, people have no choice but to throw away evil and return to good. Regarding the Power of Kannon, I will explain the big matter on another occasion. Now I will describe a small example of it. Here is a statue of Daikoku-sama which came here in the last New Year’s Eve. It has been already settled. No matter how Mr Yamada refused to release it or even if someone asked him to sell it for hundreds of thousands of yen, no one would stop this statue from coming to me.

Since God does everything like that with His absolute power, human beings can do nothing for it. In this sense, people will not able to do things to be worth for thousands of years as long as they become a member of the World of Light and join this great and honourable construction project of the World of Great Light. On the other hand, the evils cannot bear it and try to disturb it as much as possible. Freemason is forming a plot so that we cannot let our guard down. However, I was informed that even they reform their deeds and cooperate with this construction project. I do hope that they will do it as soon as possible. (21 May 1935)

Translated by N.H.