What is the Power of Kannon?

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 2: Teachings in 1935~3 February 1950

The power of Kannon or Myochi is often said from a long time ago. Needless to say, these words have the same meaning. However, there is no such word as the power of Amitabha, Sakyamuni, or Bodhidharma. Only the power to describe is that of Avalokiteshvara or Kannon. I wonder why. There must be a reason for it. Regarding it, there is no writings nor tradition. I have been wondering about it for a long time but I have made it clear as my faith deepens. Here let me explain it.

Before that, here is another question. I am often asked whether Kanzeon Bosatsu is male or female. This question is inseparable to the matter of the power of Kannon. To tell the truth, Kanzeon Bosatsu is male and also female, which, in another word, is a hermaphrodite. Everyone knows from before that men represent positive and women represent negative. Men are categorised as fire and women are categorised as water, too. Fire burns vertically and water flows horizontally. The time is nearly coming now when these vertical and horizontal matters are tied together. As for a light, it is created when fire and water are mixed. The stronger the spirit of fire becomes, the brighter the light shines. In this sense, the amount of the spirits of fire increases in the World of Daytime. It means that the light consequently gets stronger there. That is why the act of Kanzeon Bosatsu changes to that of Komyo Nyorai.

Here I explain the most important thing. That is the true power exerts when the vertical and horizontal matter is combined. It means the clockwise turning force is generated in a lively way by this binding. As stated above, the reason why only Kanzeon Bosatsu has vertical and horizontal nature is that power is generated when both natures are combined. Therefore, this power is especially called the power of Kanzeon Bosatsu or Kannon.

By the way, I tell you another important thing. Kanzeon Bosatsu appears as Komyo Nyorai first and then works as Miroku or Meshiya. As I mentioned above, light is made of fire and water. When the earth is added, the act of fire, water and earth is performed. Since fire and water perform only the spiritual function, the Trinity power of fire, water and earth exerts for the first time when earth as the physical function is added. This power is called Nyoi Hoju or Mani-no-Tama. Fire represents five, water represents six and earth represents seven. We read these numbers of five, six and seven as Miroku. Sakyamuni said that the world of Miroku would start five billion and six hundred seventy million years later. It should suggest that the world with the correct order of five, six and seven or fire, water and earth will appear.

Sakyamuni is a great prophet but did he need to foretell such a far future of five billion and six hundred seventy million years from now? It is such an astronomic number that it doesn’t make sense. If someone foretold the future, it would be practical that they do thousands of years from now at most. In this sense, the prophecy of the future after two thousand years by Christ would be adequate in terms of years. As Buddhism said, Miroku of Kanzeon Bosatsu means Ooshin Miroku, who will do ever-changing work from now on. It should be noted. Five, six and seven or three, six and nine make eighteen. The number ten means to tie in Japanese kanji character and eight means to open. The figure of Kanzeon Bosatsu is made of gold and its height is one su-n and eight bu or about 5.5 centimetres, which has been decided for a long time. A temple hall is built with an area of eighteen ken or about a thirty-three-metre square. I think that such numbers have a deep meaning. (30 January 1950)

Translated by N.H.