The Speech for Memorial Ceremony of the Completion of Shinsenkyo and the Opening of the Museum

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

As you can see, the model of Paradise on Earth in Hakone was almost completed. Especially, I am very satisfied that the museum was built as I planned like that. In the first place, Sekai-Meshiya-kyo aims to create the first model of Paradise on Earth to realise it. The world governance or God’s providence is unique. It is like a seed of the fruit such as plum or peach. The world is a fruit itself and its seed takes a central role. I cannot say what it means in detail now but the seed also has its origin. In this sense, when the origin changes, the world follows its change. It is as if you throw a stone into the pond. It makes a ripple spreading on the surface of the pond. As just described, to make the world Paradise, we variously change a small piece at the very centre of it. It means to create Paradise. Then I take a principal role to create it. Therefore, I am a very centre of the world. This very centre is in the shape of a centre point or “・” and “⦿” represents the shape of the universe. “○” is universe and or “・” is essential for the universe. It represents my work of salvation. As it is very mysterious, you would get interested in it when described. However, I cannot talk about it now because the time has not yet come. I just wait for the timing.

The matter of God has very deep meaning. As I mentioned, Paradise on Earth is created as if the thrown stone makes a ripple spreading. After gradually spreading all over the world, Paradise on Earth will be completed. Therefore, even a very small piece has great meaning. After the15th of this June, Hakone and Atami change at the same time. As I always say, Hakone represents the spiritual world and whereas, Atami represents the real world. After the model of Paradise on Earth in Hakone is finished, that of Atami proceeds. When it is completed, the world will change. It visibly changes. Although the change is not seen clearly until now because it happens in the spiritual world, it is sure that the wold will gradually change somehow.

You might read the article in the newspaper. A Dr Braden visited Japan from the U.S.A. He is a professor of religious history and roughly researched Japanese existing religions of both Shinto and Buddhism a week ago. He also researches new religions and visited us last night for his research. He asked me many things and I told him what I told our believers before as following; The U.S.A. is the centre of the horizontal nation and Japan is that of vertical. They should be tied. When they are tied, the true civilisation will be born for the first time. He seemed to be pleased to hear that. I continued to tell him that his visit brought the opportunity to tie them.

In this way, an American person visited me to talk about the religious matter yesterday or on 15 June. It means that vertical things and horizontal ones are started to be tied. When I visited Kyoto, I told as following what I told at Chukyo headquarters in Nagoya on the anniversary of a peace treaty; that day was the very day that vertical things and horizontal ones were tied. Regarding this, the anniversary had great meaning. Nagoya is between the Kanto and the Kansai region such as Osaka or Kyoto. Therefore, the headquarters of Nagoya is just a tied knot of a cross. For this reason, I visited there on the day of the anniversary. In this way, I told how Nagoya is related to the anniversary of a peace treaty. Such a situation gradually and concretely appears and the meeting with Dr Braden is one of them. It was the very first appearance. In this way, Paradise on Earth is gradually realised. You would see it when paying attention to global trends. That is quite interesting.

I only told about the good side which made you pleased. As we haven’t reached it yet, it is still uncertain. We’re not out of the woods yet because of, in a word, purification. It mentions not only the human body purification or disease but also the purification of the world. We are working to construct Paradise now and also to destroy things in the world at the same time. As newspapers say every day, we carry out the large-scale plan of how to destroy in some ways. We do both; destruction and creation. From the global point of view, destruction and creation occur at the same time. It occurs as if the petals of flower fall when pistils and stamens grow. Falling petals are on the destruction side and growing pistils and stamens are on the construction side. Then pistils and stamens grow more. It means the fruit is born after petals of flower fall. You would almost understand various things happening in the future with this sense. (The rest omitted) (16 June 1952)

Translated by N.H.