Human being and Disease

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Modern medical science considers that most diseases are caused by bacteria. Therefore, human beings theoretically don’t suffer from diseases if the only bacterial infection is prevented. It is not enough and a very shallow idea. We have to understand clearly what exactly bacteria are. It is because even bacteria must be generated from somewhere for some reason. It doesn’t make sense unless we have to determine and grasp the root causes of bacteria. If that is the case, it is impossible to do so at the current level of study. Therefore, it is out of the question to establish true medical science. It is also obvious that even microscopic bacteria don’t suddenly develop by chance. I will describe this theory in detail later. The bacteria become the cause of disease and human beings suffer from the infection them. If so, we have to think about why on earth bacteria exist in this world and what is the purpose of their existence. Since all things in the universe are entirely needed for human beings, there is nothing not to be needed for them. Once something becomes unnecessary, however, it dies out through the process of natural selection. The historical fact proves this. Everything just exists as long as necessary for a certain period. It is also proved well from an anthropological point of view. There are many examples such as mammoths, dinosaurs, unknown monsters and so on in ancient times, which used to exist. If that is the case, even bacteria must have a certain purpose as long as they exist. However, the study until today cannot find out this so that bacteria was thoughtlessly feared. Concerning what I described above, the Creator, or God has created disease-causing bacteria, which torment human beings and even threaten the life of them. Why did He create them? To tell the truth, there is a very important meaning behind the reason. Despite this, people until today have never come up with any question nor concerned about it at all. That is a problem. It is because the study has not yet been developed so much. Even in this sense, I think I have to awaken present intellectuals and highly raise their intellect.

Here, I have to describe the other important thing. That is why God created the universe and human beings. Nothing would be a more important and fundamental question than this and everyone would like to know the answer to this question, too. Besides, no one has given enough explanation which everyone could agree without any objections until today. Then I explain it here. What is the original purpose of God? It is to have people create the ideal world of perfect truth, good and beauty and infinitely improve and develop it. This is the eternal truth. Therefore, if a brilliant future would come which we can never imagine with present human knowledge, human beings should devote themselves to their mission with pleasure while holding this light of the future. For such reason, God created human beings to carry out His purpose. Consequently, they should deeply aware of their mission and work without getting out of their lines as long as they are alive. Because of that, their health should come first but how about reality? As everyone knows, the truth is that human beings easily suffer from diseases and often harm their health. To maintain their health constantly, God gives them the natural action of health protection on the body. What is this action then? It is an unexpectedly so-called disease, which would surprise everyone. Then I thoroughly explain it. First of all, when human beings try to fulfil their role, it is inevitable for them to accumulate filth in the whole body. I will explain it in detail later but in short, the filth means cloudiness when it accumulates in the human spirit and impure blood when it does in the human body. When a human being accumulates filth in the body and it exceeds a certain limit, however, it disturbs his activity. Consequently, natural action or purification action occurs to eliminate it. The process of purification, however, causes pain which was called disease and understood badly. This idea has continued until today.

Hence, when suffering from disease, human beings think quite the opposite that it harms their health. They even worry that they might die. Therefore, as I previously described, they came up with various ideas to eliminate or relieve the pain, which becomes medical treatment like today. It is clear how wrong it is. As I described above, you can see that disease is the greatest grace of God, which intends to maintain human health. Consequently, medical science should be constructed based on this truth. That is called true medical science.

Translated by N.H.