I Preach the Truth

Gospel of Heaven written and spoken by Mokichi Okada
Part 1: Teachings from 4 February 1950 to 1954

I started to write more than decades ago. The main subject is, of course, religion but I don’t write any formal nor unfashionable things as the founders of religions did so far. I have paid attention that people in any class can understand my writing. However, here is a problem. All teachings of the religions are too religious if you look at them negatively but something mysterious if you look at them positively. For example, the Bible of Christianity, Mantra of Esoteric Buddhism, Tannisho of Shinran, Gobunsho of Nichiren, Mikaguraka of Tenri-kyo, Ohudesaki of Oomoto-kyo are all the same. People are not too sure that they understand them, which might attract them, I think. Even so, the teachings are difficult for people to interpret so that they make various interpretations. It might result in religion to be split. As you see the history, the larger the religious group became, the more it was divided and the more its divided sects fought each other. In this sense, believers can hardly grasp the essence of religious faith. Therefore, they easily get lost and can hardly get true spiritual peace and enlightenment.

In this way, I don’t think that even a single religion can be unified in a conventional way. If it cannot be, how could we dream that all of the religions are united? New religions appear year by year. It might be because of it. Even considering only Japan, the number of religions increases in proportion to the rise in population at present.

As for the objects to worship, believers mainly worship Jehovah, Deuce, Logos, Lord, Wuji, Amaterasu-Ookami, Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto, Christ, Shakyamuni, Amitabha, Kannon and so on whatever religion they believe in. Besides, many kinds of Mikoto, Nyorai and Taishi are worshipped as the main object. They must be admirable gods and buddhas indeed. Apart from vulgar faith for Inari, Tengu or Ryujin, there is no argument that all gods and buddhas return to only one true God or God. However, every religion claims that it is superior to any other ones and probably has exclusive thought. Therefore, how could they unite into one? However, all of them have the same goal to realise the world such as Paradise on Earth, the land of happiness or the ideal world and they wish for the happiness of all humans. I think that none of the religions disagrees with it. If so, how do they create such a world? A new religion must be found and it unifies all the other existing religions in the world. It must be a super great religion for all humans to believe.

I don’t say that it is our organisation Sekai-Meshiya-kyo but our mission is to teach how to create such a world or to make a design plan for it. When intellectuals in every nation recognise it and their numbers increases, we proceed with the plan step by step. In a word, this is the realisation of the truth. As the plan is carried out, all of the fallacies are revealed and corrected. Then the World of Great Light with brightness and clearness is realised. Needless to say, evils are eliminated from human beings and oppressed goodness rises. People enjoy their happiness. Therefore, the most basic thing is to let all humans know the truth first. Someone might say that great people have already preached all of the truth for a long time and therefore, no more truth is needed. That is the point. If the truth had been already revealed, it would be put into practice and the World of Heaven would have been already realised or at least be approaching. The truth is, however, nothing like that can be seen. I agree that Heaven would be approaching materially but no progress is found in the spiritual aspect, or it rather deteriorates. We don’t know when the World of Heaven truly comes true. Then you would realise that it is because the truth we have believed until now is contrarily not the truth.

When looking at the reality in the world, everything is far from Heaven. The disease as the greatest suffering of human beings doesn’t decrease at all. They still suffer from poverty called the hardships of live. As you can see, the conflict between people and nations or war are as usual. These facts prove that the truth is not put into practice. Therefore, the truth which we thought is a false truth. It is not useful or rather prevents us from constructing Paradise. Now the time has come, God let people all over the world know the truth through me. For this reason, Sekai-Meshiya-kyo was found. God has me write things for all humans to understand. Therefore, all of my writings are the truth. When reflecting with the mirror of truth, I preach how to reveal and correct the defect of the false truth. In this way, the truth and the false truth are distinguished, which is proved in practical ways. They are a healing art of Johrei, natural farming, improvement of art and construction of the model of Paradise. In conclusion, the undertaking which I am carrying out now is, to put it briefly, the process of realising the truth and the great effort to let people know the truth with my writings. (25 September 1951)

Translated by N.H.