Terrible Superstition against Medicine

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

Sekai-Meshiya-kyo always advocates that medical therapy has no effect on tuberculosis, nay, has the opposite effect on it. The following report shows this fact very well. When reading this report, everyone must believe what we say no matter how they are suspicious. As the report says, if Johrei surely solves the current biggest problem of tuberculosis in a short period, it is an amazing big issue. Nevertheless, the doctor, who was mentioned in the report, just tilted his head even though he did see it. He is never willing to study Johrei. I can never understand this attitude. If such a wonderful effect were achieved in the medical field, it would gain exposure more than Hydrazide. It must create a great sensation all over the world. However, it is not actually that case because people deeply fall into medical superstition. This is the most terrible thing today. Frankly speaking to this fact, we now live in the age of superficial culture. To go straight to the point, it is not too much to say that we live in an uncivilised and ignorant age. Due to this superstition, we would never know how many patients become the victim of medicine not only at present but also in the future. Oh! Such a great tragedy of this century happened in front of us every day. What should we do? We just sigh deeply.

Translated by N.H.

Thank-You Report #080