Super Miracle

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

The following report shows a miracle that is more than other miracles. It would be the most unprecedented miracle in human history. When reading this report, general people would be just stunned and lost for words. So do people involved in medicine. I think that it should be brought up as a global issue. While continuing to read this report, I got surprised and couldn’t stop crying. If this incident happened not in the religious world but in the medical one, it would be greatly featured in newspapers and become a big topic that should be discussed in society. Unfortunately, if such a great miracle were only known by our believers, it would be very disappointing. Having said that, this miracle must be known to all humankind rather belatedly when Sekai-Meshiya-kyo becomes a global religion. Therefore, there is no doubt that Supreme God presides over our religion just by looking at this incident.

As this report says from a medical point of view, a person is in critical condition if they don’t urinate for more than eight hours. However, the following child is alive even though he had no urine for six days. I think that this fact should be recorded as an unprecedented incident in medical history because such a great miracle isn’t considered beyond the fields of religion and science. What’s more, I wonder why he never suffered from uraemia but just became unconscious even though he couldn’t pass water and became swollen like a rubber ball. The power of God might prevent him from suffering from uraemia. Even medical scientists could hardly believe it in any case. No one has any words or ideas to criticise this fact. It would be more than a surprise and everyone just holds their breath and closes their eyes. They would just pass the time in the state of being free from all distracting thoughts. We were just stunned to know that unimaginable miracles were performed regarding the atomic bomb. However, this miracle would be beyond them. The miracles regarding the atomic bomb are scientifically explained. On the other hand, this one would be probably impossible to be explained in science nor religion. Even if it was able to be explained, I wouldn’t tell you. It is because the works of God are beyond human wisdom.

I can say just one thing. Lost testicles and penis are restored. That is true. Let me explain why. The child lost them physically but they had been already healed spiritually. As everything must follow the law that the spirit leads and the form follows, the body follows the spirit. So, his testicles and penis were filled materially according to their spiritual shape. It is because the spirit of the affected part is directly connected to the overall spirit. For this reason, if a person loses a part of their body, it must be restored when it is left as it is even though they lost it by cutting with a cutting tool not by rotting. This is a biological law. Even so, the lost part is partially restored in the usual case. Therefore, it is, of course, impossible that this amazing case happened. Then I explain the cause of his disease. He stopped passing water because the toxins solidified around the urethral opening and pressed it. The toxins were melted by performing Johrei so that he could pass water. However, the toxins were very poisonous and their amount was very large. Therefore, they destroyed and eliminated the testicles and penis.

Translated by N.H.

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