Is BCG Vaccine Harmful or Harmless?

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

I have already described why a controversy over BCG occurred. You would understand it when you read my review as below. Fortunately, we recently received the following thank-you report. This report would make it clearer.


The Problem of BCG

This problem is recently getting much-discussed. It is also discussed extensively in the media. There are both arguments for and against it even among the doctors, which is still unsettled. This problem arose in America first. The article written by Dr Meyers at the University of Minnesota was introduced in the Journal of the American Medical Association on 18 August. He says that BCG is useless and harmful. At the same time, the article of Dr Taro Takemi was introduced in the April issue of the Japanese magazine ‘Bungeishunju’. The title of the article is ‘Eradicate Tuberculosis Eradication Measure’ He questions the effect of BCG and gives the opinion that BCG vaccination should not be enforced by the law. Mr Hashimoto, the Minister of Health and Welfare recently announced that the effect of BCG is uncertain and the vaccination would better postpone until the effect is fully proved. It is maybe inspired by those doctors’ opinion. Therefore, the problem of BCG suddenly causes a stir, which develops into a political issue and became complicated. Here let me criticise this problem from my point of view.

I have nothing particular to say now but not only BCG but also all the other medicines temporarily work. As time passes, they harm people who took them. This is my theory and the problem that occurred this time is caused for the same reason. We, of course, know it very much. As for scientists, however, they cannot understand why such a problem happens now. The use of BCG didn’t start recently. It has been frequently used for more than thirty years. Nothing happened in the past but now, a problem like that occurs unexpectedly. They should identify the cause of this problem but it would be impossible for them. It is because the cause doesn’t belong to the field of science. Therefore, the cause has not been found yet and such a problem has consequently happened. Since the true cause belongs to the spiritual world, it cannot be found with scientific knowledge. Therefore, even if reading this writing, scientists would just think that this is a kind of strange theory or superstitious dogma. From our point of view, it is they who completely fall into the superstition of science.

Then I reveal the true cause. As I mentioned before, the world finally converts to the daylight era from the long-lasted night era. In the spiritual world, the element of fire or the essence of the Sun increases and purification becomes vigorous day by day. For this reason, medicine hardened before but no longer does today. Therefore, this problem has occurred. In this sense, medicine becomes hard to solidify. All doctors would eventually give rise to doubts about medicine and clearly understand the harmful effect of the medicine. They would start over again in medicine. At the same time, they would turn their attention elsewhere and consequently find that Our Johrei method is the true medicine. A revolution would occur in medicine, which causes a great sensation in the medical field all over the world. That is just a matter of time. This issue must suggest that the time is approaching. (14 November 1951)

Translated by N.H.

Thank-You Report #090