What is Miracle?

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

What on earth is a miracle? It is, needless to say, that something impossible actually occurs. It is never explained logically, scientifically or empirically. Therefore, it should be called a miracle. Furthermore, it does not always but suddenly happen in an unexpected place at an unexpected time. For this reason, as you know, it is easily misunderstood that it happens by chance. It is also said that it often happens to believers in religions but it is not always the case. It occasionally happens to nonbelievers but it is a quite rare case and often overlooked. As for religious miracles, it depends on the religion whether they often or rarely perform miracles which are great, medium or miner. Therefore, we cannot determine them uniformly. Needless to say, however, it can be said that the more a religion prominently and often performs miracles, the greater it is.

As for Meshiya-kyo, we perform many miracles and there is no other example like ours in the world. It would be said that Meshiya-kyo is the religion of miracles. In terms of conventional wisdom, it is regarded that the more strongly believers believe a religion, the more they would have current profits. On the other hand, Meshiya-kyo is very different from other religions or rather the opposite. No matter how much a person keeps denying God from the beginning and doubting us, it never effects on miracles to occur. For example, when a severely ill patient, who is abandoned by doctors, visits us, the effect does not change no matter how much they doubt us. It means that they are stunned by the great effect of Johrei soon after they receive it. Furthermore, not only believers but also their relatives often have the benefit of miracles even if they don’t believe Meshiya-kyo.

Then what is the real nature of miracles as above? They, of course, never happen by chance. They occur because they have a reason to occur. Then Let me explain the reason. To make modern people understand easily, I explain it according to the method of science. When something new is discovered in the field of science, it is theoretically explained first and its physical evidence is discovered by conducting experiments. Through this process, a new scientific discovery is proved. The mesonic theory found by Dr Hideki Yukawa was proved through the same scientific process as above. His theory was proved by a certain scientist, who found several nuclei by chance when he shot cosmic rays. Here his theory became a great discovery. On the other hand, I have found and grasped the same or rather greater theory and fact. That is the theoretical spiritual science of God and its actual proof, which is shown by the examples introduced in this book. Since they are descriptions of what people experienced, no one can doubt them. Regardless of faiths, therefore, our theory was scientifically proved. For this reason, it is not too much to say that the spiritual science of God is much more superior to today’s science. Here, an unprecedented big issue is raised in cultural history.

Translated by N.H.