Pitiful People of Today

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

People of today do believe that medicine cures the disease. The harder they try to cure the disease with medicine, the worse it gets. They never dream that it is because they have the wrong therapy. Therefore, they absolutely depend on medicine. As a result, the disease gets worse intolerable. Even if that happens, they don’t realise their fault. What a surprise! They still believe in medicine when it happens and visit doctors and hospitals here or there. They get frustrated and desperate while spending a large number of medical expenses. When looking at such a current situation, it is so miserable that I have no words. People of today are so pitiful. The more I think of such a state, the faster we should solve this superstition of medicine. The following report is a good example that describes this situation very well. Please read it thoroughly. Everyone would understand what I mean when reading it. Especially if a doctor reads this report, I would like to know how he thinks.

Translated by N.H.

Thank-You Report #114