For Medical Personnel

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

The following thank-you report was made by a tuberculosis patient. He wrote how he recovered from it and how he felt. He delivered the naked truth. Today, millions of people would be in the same situation as his past circumstances. Though it is too late to say, his report clearly shows that modern medicine is useless for tuberculosis. As we always say, modern medicine has no ability to cure disease. It just tries to hold down and harden the disease by all means for a certain period. As a result, the symptom becomes mild. However, the disease definitely recurs, get worse than before and finally falls into a hopeless condition. The doctors and patients would have witnessed and experienced such a situation all the time. Nevertheless, the doctor does explain to the patient as if their disease will be cured. It is hard to understand. Since they explain the precious life of the patient, they cannot easily say so without much certainty. If there is no prospect of complete recovery, the doctor shouldn’t give an unclear explanation. Otherwise, they would end up troubling the patient and their family. Furthermore, such an explanation rather hits the patient’s nerve and makes them worried. As a result, the patient’s condition gets worse.

Today, the authorities take many steps such as medical check-up, mobile healthcare, early detection of illness and so on. Besides, they claim that there are not enough beds for patients and spend national expenses. We cannot find the words to describe their current situation. No effect has been achieved even with such efforts. Such actual circumstances show that they don’t know the true cause of tuberculosis. They are completely unaware of the truth. This would be the tragedy of the century. Look, most capable young and middle-aged people in Japan are just in bed like a living corpse. They don’t know when they recover but just leave themselves to such a fate. When looking at their miserable situation, we cannot help but dare to do write this. It is because we have a thorough knowledge of tuberculosis. At the same time, however, we can easily imagine that the authorities and experts cock their head and ignore this while sneering as usual. What if a bus driver was called out that there is a cliff ahead? He would ignore it and go ahead. How reckless! However, they do the same thing as the bus driver does. You might think that our warning is very strict but we just want to save the general public from the depth of misery. We have no other intention than that.

Translated by N.H.

Thank-You Report #079