The Outstanding Vivid Fact

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

Our Johrei performs magnificent miracles very much one after another. Since it was proved by scientific examination in the following report, no one would not complain about it even if a person who doesn’t believe in God but just only science reads it. As I always say, I don’t know why the doctors are never willing to study Johrei even when they see the outstanding vivid fact with their own eyes. We always say that medicine is superstitious. You would understand that it isn’t wrong when just reading this report. Today, tuberculosis is regarded to be the most frightening lung disease. It is the biggest national problem at present. However, a distome is much more terrible than tuberculosis. Nevertheless, this report says that such a terrible disease was easily cured by Johrei. From this point of view, you could say that tuberculosis is already solved. We ought to be very glad about this fact.

Translated by N.H.

Thank-You Report #081