Incurable Cancer is Easily Healed by Johrei

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

The following report says that cancer was healed by Johrei even though it was determined to be incurable by a doctor. This example should be a big issue in the medical world. However, authorities and specialists would not be concerned with this report even if they read it. They would just ignore it as usual. That’s all. As I always say, it is because this incident happened in the religious field. It is really hard to understand their mentality. Their brain was dominated by the superstition of science, which would be beyond help. There are various superstitions in every nation and scientists laugh at them. They don’t realise that they are getting into the superstition of science, especially that of medicine. They rather flatter themselves that disease is never cured without medicine. That is a problem. They have fallen into cultural anachronism.

Translated by N.H.

Thank-You Report #087