Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

I have introduced many miracles as above but they were not about illness. Therefore, I introduce miracles regarding illness from now on. Let me tell you in advance that these reports are all written by our believers who have experienced miracles. They are not made any modifications. You might think that their sentences are wordy and full of similar expressions of gratitude, which bother you. Even so, we never revised their report because I don’t think it should. To emphasize the meaning of their contents, here I write criticism on modern science as an introduction. You would fully understand how wrong modern medicine is and how wonderful the Johrei method is just by reading these fifty reports. If a person still doesn’t understand or doubt for them, it means how deeply they are captivated by the fallacy of medicine. Therefore, when you read carefully the reports with an open mind and without being bound by modern medicine, you should understand them easily. If doubts still remain, why don’t you try to experience our religion? That’s what I eager to.

Translated by N.H.