Spirit Leads and Form Follows

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

Speaking of modern science, it, of course, means material science. Since this science has progressed by researching tangible things that we can see and touch, everything is only superficially understood to some extent by it. It could not reveal something important existing within it. Then what is the important thing? It is equal to nothing and called spirit. This spirit influences all physical phenomena. Without this recognition, science would only half and unevenly progress no matter how much it does. Therefore, true culture cannot be created. When it becomes clear, all incomprehensible problems until today will be solved easily for the first time. It is because the spirit takes the main role and the form takes a subordinate role of all things. It means that spirit leads and form follows. That is a universal law. For example, the whole human body never moves spontaneously but it is moved by the command of the invisible will. For this reason, even a miracle occurs in the spirit first and then it transfers to the body. You should learn this law first. To do so, let me explain disease as it is the easiest way for you to understand this theory.

The disease is the phenomenon which appears as a result in the body. The root cause of it, of course, exists in the spirit. In other words, the cloud generates in one or several parts of the body first and it transfers to the body, which causes disease. Therefore, the disease is sure to be cured when the cloud is eradicated. In this way, the cause of the disease exists in the spirit. Since medical science only targets the body, it is natural that the disease is not cured by medicine. This method is called symptomatic treatment. As you can see like that, modern medicine misses the point. It should realise its mistake as soon as possible and start again from the beginning. Because of this ignorance, many people fall victim to modern medicine and suffer hardship at present. We cannot ignore these facts. However, you should be pleased as God’s salvation appears here. It means that God leaves me this important mission to correct the wrong medicine. As a matter of fact, not only medicine but also all aspects of culture are wrong. Let me give you another example. That is a variety of crimes. They are like a disease. It means that they are just an effect which appears on the surface. They are caused by the spirit or soul but no one realises this truth. Therefore, all crimes are tried to be solved by the same symptomatic treatment as medicine or punishment. However, this is like a temporary whitewash so that the countless crimes still occur no matter how hard people try to prevent them. This soul is never reconstructed except by religion and people should immediately notice this fact, too. I explained disease and crime as above and these facts make you clear that they happen because people ignore the spirit. Miracles are the way to let people know thoroughly the existing of the spirit.

Translated by N.H.