Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

Here, I introduced one hundred twenty examples of miracles. When reading them, everyone will be surprised by them. In a word, they are the unprecedented gospel of salvation that expresses the greatest power of God. It is obvious from documentary records that miner miracles have been shown by religions from time to time for a long time. Comparing to them, our numerous miracles are performed by just ordinary people who are given power in a short period of training time. This fact itself is a great miracle. In other words, they are ordinary people but they can perform miracles similar to those Christ did. Even though they don’t know medical science, they demonstrate the healing power more than doctors do. Therefore, you would never believe that it is true. Here I’m worried that some people might just possibly hesitate to follow us. It is because miracles occur through a human being called me. Therefore, it is too mysterious for them to understand and as a result, they might arise doubt. Then people who read this book want to know the most about what I am. I would also like to tell them who I am but I am sorry to say that it’s too early to tell the truth for a while. However, I have to say something in particular. When looking at it objectively, you would guess that no one but Saviour exerts such great divine power. Regarding this, there have been some people who called them a saviour without hesitation for a very long time. They might have thought so but all of them just temporarily called themselves a saviour and then disappeared before you knew. That is the story that someone would know. Besides, as Christ prophesied, he warned that false Christ would appear after ages. It is useless even if someone calls themselves a saviour as no one is misled now.

They are just those who are ridiculed for modern people with developed intelligence in the progressed culture today. However, if they see the hard facts, everyone cannot help but believe them as a saviour. No matter how you calmly judge, you must regard the miracles I show as equal to those who are performed by Messiah. In this sense, it is no wonder that people call me Saviour, Second Coming Christ or Appearance of Miroku. It leaves it to them. Besides, everyone must know it in the end. It is because people in the world achieve true happiness and leap for joy through my salvation. Then the established civilisation completely turns around and Paradise on Earth without disease, poverty and conflict appears in order.

Translated by N.H.