The Lightwave Emitting from the Amulet

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1954

We had already had two examples that the light of our amulet blocked X-ray transmission. They were introduced in our newspaper. The same thing has happened again this time. From the scientific viewpoint, if the same thing happens three times, it would say that it has been proved. It means that it becomes an established theory in spiritual science if an original word is used. As everyone knows, people admire X-ray as a wonderful strong ray that transmits almost everything. Even such a strong ray is blocked by the light emitting from the amulet. This ray of light is stronger than an X-ray indeed. Then how does this terrific ray generate? You cannot believe the reason no matter how much I explain. It is because the ray emits from the letter “光,” which I wrote on Japanese paper with Chinese ink. “光” means light in English. This is a mystery beyond mystery.

Our believers have comprehended this truth but other than them, people would not be able to understand it. Therefore, I describe the reason plainly as much as possible. When writing “光,” I use my hand and fingers and then write a letter with ink on paper. This is the same way as general people do. Even so, the letter I wrote contains strong light as mentioned above. This mystery would have never happened before in human history. What’s more, it takes about seven seconds at most to write it. It means that I can easily write five to six hundred letters in an hour. Besides, I never pray or put my spirit into it at all but just do it matter-of-factly. When I want to smoke, I write it with my right hand while holding a cigarette with my left hand. Besides, I always listen to the radio to pass the time when writing. When it is hot in summer, I sometimes have my top off.

As you know, the founders of religions purify themselves and pray to a god before making an amulet. Their attitude is very strict. On the other hand, mine is extremely poor. General people would be stunned to see me. It is because I have the highest divine spirit in my belly and just lend it to my body. In other words, God freely uses me as a kind of tool. Therefore, I don’t have to pray to Him. A person has to pray to a god because they are separated from it. On that point, I feel very easy and grateful. I do thank Him. No religionist would be as unusual as I am.

By the way, I tell you a little different matter. When I plan to construct something such as a holy garden or the model of Paradise on Earth, a building, a museum or even an exhibition case, I rarely consider how to do it. This is well known by our believers. The idea immediately occurs in my head every time I think of it. Then I just tell people what to do. In this way, it is nothing to me even if it seems to be difficult for others. Therefore, medicine, agriculture or any other thing are all the same for me. When looking at my present work, you would understand what I mean. I have many things to tell you but they are no limit. So, I stop writing around here.

Translated by N.H

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