Preventative Injection

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

The following report reminds me of a certain village. The name is Yunishigawa, which is located 16 kilometres further inside Kawaji Spa in Tochigi. I visited there a few years ago. The villagers are the descendants of the Heike clan. About nine hundred people are living in sixty houses without any doctor. As I have written about this village before, all villagers are vegetarian. They don’t keep even a single chicken. I heard that there were few sick people in the village. At that time, an old man had numbness in his limbs and tongue tangle because he had drunk too much alcohol. Here, let me tell you an interesting story. The doctor visits this village from the prefecture once a year to give the villagers to typhoid vaccine. They are scared of him and run around because they have a fever for a few days and cannot work if they have an injection. Besides, no typhus patient had appeared in the village. The doctor complains that he doesn’t want to visit there. If so, I think that he shouldn’t come. That is a bureaucratic routine. They have to follow the rules. I was stunned by their too bureaucratic attitude. Therefore, I still remember this story.

Translated by N.H.

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