Terrible Effect of Cosmetics Poisoning

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953

Women in general today don’t realise the harm of cosmetics at all. This is actually a considerable problem. Every kind of cosmetic today includes a variety of medicine. American ones are particularly terrible as I recently heard that American young women are seriously in trouble with their very rough facial skin. I feel sorry for them all the more because they don’t know it is caused by cosmetics. However, that is not only the case in America. I recently often hear that Japanese women have the same problem. It shows that purification became more intense in the spiritual world. Please think about cosmetics here. They are the most unnatural products. Therefore, it is natural that they bring the opposite result to what was intended. Nowadays, women take toxic medicine in the body more and more, which causes their pale and rough facial skin. Therefore, they use face cream, lipstick, cheek powder and so on to cover up their problem. As you know, beauty salons flourish for the same purpose. I feel very sorry for them even though they don’t know the cause of their problem. Worse still, the more they use cosmetics and go to beauty salons, the uglier they become. Therefore, they have to use more cosmetics. When looking at the newspaper, you will agree that the most numerous advertisements are for cosmetics. The following report describes the harmful of cosmetics. The reporter is a young wife. She realised the harmful effect of cosmetics and got back beauty by abolishing cosmetics and receiving Johrei. This report is a very good example that explains Johrei regains women’s beauty. When reading it, women in society would gain a lot from it.

Translated by N.H.

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